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Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept With Flexible Body

September 11, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

Samsung still wants to release on the market the first smartphone with flexible body, the first mass production bendable smartphone in the world. However, until this event they delight us with concepts and prototypes. The 2014 version of Galaxy S line retail version could be a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept presented in this article.

The Galaxy S is now in its fifth version, a version in the concept phase that has a super thin and metallic flexible body. Based on the Galaxy S4 version that will be available on the market in 2014, the guys from MobiLeaks predict the specification of the five Galaxy S generation.

In front the screen has no borders which make that the surface of the screen to be available at maximum dimensions. A large screen added new experiences to the users and the possibility to use the device with a wide range of activities.

The screen is the main piece for me, and yes, is a display that can be folded on vertical axes to enter into a multimedia stage (playing music) and allow the users to make the smartphone smaller.

The Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is also presented and running on Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

On the back of Galaxy S5 can be located at the top a sensor camera and flash. The camera has a sensor with 16MP and optical image stabilization functionality with optical zoom.

In addition, the source of the sound is located on the back, on the other side of the display strip with multimedia buttons.

For the body are used metallic materials, which make a big pass from plastic to metal.

Samsung Galaxy S5 even is a concept it could have a big impact in the coming versions of the Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

First LG 77-inch ULTRA HD Curved OLED TV – Overview and Partial Specifications

September 8, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

Nearly eight months ago LG presented in Las Vegas the first version of a curved television with 55-inch diagonal and OLED screen. First curved TV on the list was presented in Las Vegas, while the second was released in Berlin at IFA-2013 with an improved 77-inch OLED screen.

This new higher version of the LG curved TV breaks the boundaries and go deeper in exploring new and advanced possibilities for entertainment and user experiences.

The Koreans largest curved OLED TV has a large screen that reminds me by IMAX technology that was designed to improve the visual experience of users.

Compared with a regular full-HD TV, the latest ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV shows improved features including here an infinite contrast ratio as well as four times resolution. The technology inside the TV is a combination between a well-known technology – the LG’s WRGB OLED with a 4k resolution.

LG 77-inch ULTRA HD Curved OLED TV

LG 77-inch ULTRA HD Curved OLED TV

IFA is one of the greatest consumer electronics shows in Europe and perhaps this is a good reason for LG to enter on the market the 77-inch curved OLED TV. The 77-inch TV is similar in many features with the 55-inch Curved OLED TV, which was presented at the beginning of this year in Las Vegas.

No price or market release date at this moment when I write this article.

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New Start for Apple With Curved Screen for iPhone 6 in 2013

April 22, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

Apple needed a refresh for iPhone at least and this refresh supposes the use of new technology with curved display. The popularity of the iPhone has been constant lately and with the ability to decrease in the next period. Here, enters on the scene a new technology that is at least coveted by the biggest Apple competitor – Samsung.

Both companies evoked the release of devices with bendable displays and this could be possible in 2013. This year these devices can become reality and high expectation are directed to the biggest technology companies Apple and Samsung.

iPhone 6 Patent

iPhone 6 Patent

Apple rumors announced the progress of a new smart watch with flexible display, a new generation of watches that will change everything we know about watches.

iPhone with curve display could be the next generation of this device, a device that opened roads to the world of mobile technologies. If Apple will release this year this iPhone, again the company is the first company that writes history in the technological era.

The rumors about an iPhone with bendable screen appears after Apple submit a patent that outlines the shapes of the new device.

And because these lines are about Apple, a curved display is not the main technology located in the iPhone 6. According to the patent submitted by the company, 3D technology will be also available in the next generation of the smartphone.

Smartphone design will suffer since the home button cannot find its place in the device.

iPhone 6 Concept

iPhone 6 Concept

Based on the patent and with some vision a designer called Nickolay Lamm releases a concept that could be the next iPhone.

First 42-inch Flexible Display Using Printing Technology

March 4, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

There is at least one connection between printing technology and flexible displays. The connection between these two innovative technologies resulted in a huge flexible display with 42-inch diagonal. The display is the result of collaboration between Toppan Printing and Plastic Logic, and the first demo was presented in Retail Tech Japan.

The 42-inch bendable display uses thin film transistors (OTFTs), technology with field-effect transistors build by using semiconductor layer, a dielectric layer, and metallic contacts.

Display features include areas with flexible electrophoretic display (EPD) module which consist in a Plastic Logic monochrome display with a pixel pitch of 0.7 mm. This technology has a better resolution compared with electronic paper displays about six times.

Other features include a thickness of 3mm also with a major impact on weight.

This bendable display can be used in various applications including on a wall like a poster.

42-inch Flexible Display

42-inch Flexible Display


Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview Concept With Windows Phone 8 Blue

February 23, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

The first Nokia bendable device is still in work, in this case let’s see a new concept device from the Nokia range with Windows Phone 8 Blue. The Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview is a concept designed by Karl Panase with shapes not far away from the Lumia 920 design. Even is a well known design from a Nokia device, the Lumia EOS Pureview has new dimensions at least for thickness that is much thinner than the real smartphone.

Inside the thinner body, a powerful 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor takes his place and works together with Adreno 320 GPU. Since the Snapdragon series is integrated in the device, this kind of processor comes with an architecture built to decode high-definition video (HD) at a resolution of 720p or 1080p. About the memory, the processor uses 2 GB of random memory and 32 GB of memory is used for storage. More space for storage can be available using an external memory card compatible with device card slot.

We say some words about the inside, let’s see something on the outside. The camera has a sensor with a huge resolution of 41 megapixels and works with Carl Zeiss optics. In addition to this huge resolution, the camera has autofocus feature and Xenon flash for clear pictures in the dark. We do not finish the list with camera features. The design includes a neutral density filter that works hard to equal the intensity for all wavelengths or colors. In addition to finish the features of the camera, a 10x lossless digital zoom is available and the user can make video capture at 1080p 30 fps. A secondary camera is available at the front and has a 2 megapixels sensor.

The screen, which is in our interest, is not flexible and is an IPS LCD sensible to touch. It has a 4.65-inch diagonal and supports 1280 x 768 pixels resolution. On the screen, we have to mention that is a PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack, a display that combines at least three characteristics: is fastest, brightest, and most-sensitive display available for a smartphone.

The total weight of the smartphone is 185 grams that is good and has a thickness of 10 millimeters that is also very well. The battery has a capacity of 2300 mAh and is Li-Ion type.

Even is a concept, Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview is definitely an idea from which the Nokia designers can start for future models of Lumia range.

Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview

Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview

Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview Back View

Nokia Lumia EOS Pureview Back View


Apple iWatch Concept Designed To Reinvent The Watch

February 19, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

After reinventing the mobile phone industry with smart devices and big screens that reacts to touch, Apple has plans to reinvent the watch. They don’t reinvent the wheel and don’t try to stop the time, they will add more features to a watch. The new project could be called iWatch and like mobile phones, these new devices could be called smart watches.

The Internet is full of rumors and the new one is related to a new project from Apple which has in focus to create a new watch with Apple features. The company hasn’t confirmed if working or not as a smart watch.

In this article, I write about a new concept called iWatch and designed in the Apple style. The concept was revealed on Guardian site and has integrated three main features: iOS, Siri and a flexible screen.

The flexible display is a Retina display and unfortunately no details about the dimensions. The device has also integrated a speaker, a 3.5mm headphone jack, front-facing camera for FaceTime or volume controls. After this list, I can say that is a smartphone and a watch at the same time. Like the iPhone or iPad this smart watch has a hardware home button attached and will run the full version of the IOS operating system.

Siri is another technology from Apple which will be integrated along with other features like location services or sensors to monitor the user health. The brain of the watch is an Intel system with low power consumption.

I like the idea of iWatch concept and I’m still waiting for Apple to reinvent something, even they have to reinvent the watch industry.

Apple iWatch Concept

Apple iWatch Concept


Konica Minolta OLED Panel Technology Revealed In 2013

February 14, 2013 by Dragos George | 0 comments

Konica Minolta has in plan to enter in the select room of flexible OLED panel manufacturers together with Samsung, LG, and a few. This year in the Lighting Fair 2013 exhibition the company has in plans to reveal their new lightweight OLED panels which can be bent. We have to wait until March 5 and fly to Tokyo in order to see the variety of forms proposed by Konica Minolta to be next experience with flexible OLED panels.

In 2010 the company reveals flexible OLED panel prototype with features including 56 lm/W. Manufacturing process includes soluble materials and gave hope to start production in 2011. Unfortunately the production doesn’t start, at least by Konica Minolta. The company has sold OLED sample kits since 2011 produced by Philips. Maybe 2013 is the year when the company will start the production in its own plant.

At a price about $1,250 Konica Minolta sells a 74x74x2.8 mm OLED panel with 1,000 cd/m2 luminescence and 45 lm/W efficiency. The panels have a lifetime of 8000 hours and color temperature with 2,800K value.

Konica Minolta OLED Panel

Konica Minolta OLED Panel

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