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Samsung Norway released amusant concepts of Samsung Galaxy S6

February 26, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Untill the Galaxy S 6 to be released many rumors and concepts hit the internet.  Concepts like bendable device or a device with a flexible display or a device similar to Galaxy Note Edge can be found on the entire internet. The real Galaxy S6 design is not known for the moment, but we can be proud with the Samsung teasers. Videos like The Next Galaxy released by Samsung doesn’t offer a clear design for Galaxy S6 and could be made just to arouse the public interest for a new product.

This way, Samsung Norway, posted some render concepts based on the most interesting rumors for the next Galaxy S6. One of these posted concepts is a device with three sides, actually being a strange device. The most probably, Galaxy S6 will be a smartphone that will have a dual-side rounded display similar to Galaxy Note EDGE.

Galaxy S6 three sides concept


Another concept posted by Samsung Norway is the concept presented at CES, the transparent device that will be used by Tony Stark crew in the next Avengers movie. This could be a joke or could be a real device? The transparent display has been released and is looking great!

Galaxy S6 Tony Stark concept


The 3rd concept presented is like a soap, in my opinion. It has an egg-shaped display and from the back comes two stereo speakers that could offer a high quality stereo sound.

Galaxy S6 egg-shaped concept


The real design will be released by Samsung once with the device next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Let’s wait and see the real Galaxy S6.

No more battery low smartphone-Kyocera and Sunpartners Technologies unveils first smartphone with photovoltaic technology created with Wysips Crystal

February 24, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Sunpartner Technologies and Kyocera unveiled the first solar smartphone. This new working prototype is designed for rugged outdoor use. Sunpartner Technologies, a French company decide to make a partnership with the Japanese mobile phone maker develop a new kind of smartphone, one with photovoltaic cells.

Kyocera prototype
This prototype is using the Wysips Crystal technology and is able to create its own energy with the Wysips Crystal from the display directly from the sun. The Wysips Crystal technology is installed under the touch screen and can achieve the sunlight directly when the phone use or kept in the solar light. This offers a new user experience when the battery is fully discharged and need to see notification or to send an email.

Wysips Crystal technology-video

The Wysips Crystal is a combination of photovoltaic and optical properties and can be fitted with any kind of display. The Wysips Crystal has some excellent properties like powerful, ultra thin, transparent and the most exciting is that is flexible. This last properties can change the evolution of the smartphone development and could be integrated into a flexible device, helping him to conserve more power with less space.
The Wysips technology is integrated on the top of the touchscreen during the manufacturing process and the transparent photovoltaic component is connected to a chip that converts the solar energy into energy for the smartphone battery.

The new device is rugged  and drop-proof being optimized for activities like sports or construction sites. This prototype will be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2015.


Blu, the complete flexible display wearable device could be available on May 2015

February 23, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

A new project has been posted o Kickstarter about flexible devices. This new project is called Blu and combine perfectly a smartphone and a smartwatch. Blu project will be the first flexible display wearable smartphone. Blu has a futuristic design and will be a powerful smartphone with the flexibility of a watch.
The technology described for this concept is OLED, which offers the possibility to be a complete flexible device. The Blu device will have a wrist circumference from 5.5 inches to 8.5 inches.

Blu concept

Blu flexible display wearable concept

The display size is 5.3 inches and the technology is F-OLED( flexible OLED display), a technology with just 0.8 mm thinness and has the ability to be rolled. Also, the display protection for this new concept will be Gorilla Willow a new flexible protection developed by Gorilla Glass.
As I mentioned, this device is more than a smartwatch and more than a smartphone. This combination makes it a unique wearable device with high expectation. Blu will run Android OS probably Lollipop, will have a 5.3 inches F-OLED flexible display protected by Corning Willow, 2 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64 GB.
Being full flexible device, needs a flexible battery and designers have a plan for that. They are using a flexible thin film battery with 2400mAH capacity. The advantages of those batteries are that offers a thin device, a light weight devices, high output voltage and is safe, no fluids.

Blu flexible display wearable concept

Blu flexible display wearable concept

Blu device is waterproof and this was possible by makes it complete wireless. Blu supports Bluetooth headphones and wireless charging. For that, every Blu device will come with a wireless dock and NFC.
Blu device could be available for $799 after the concept will reach the $600000 goal.


The Next Galaxy-What’s Next a Samsung question

February 21, 2015 by Laur | 3 Comments

The Next Galaxy is an official picture comes from Samsung which could figure the next Galaxy S6 device. As we can see the phone is thick and has rounded back case. About the display, there aren’t specification or concrete pictures, but could be an EDGE variant. Samsung seems to prepare the international market for Mobile World Congress from March 2015 where rumors said that will be released two Samsung Galaxy devices: Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Round 2.
Both devices could feature a flexible display or even a curve display. The S6 will have the right side curved like the Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Round 2 will be probably like the first Samsung Round but probably more flexible.
Anyway the picture hashtag say that The Next Galaxy will be released soon.

The next Galaxy
Samsung, the first world Smartphone producers has registered a high sells decrease in the last six months and must come with something exceptional on the market to re-acquire the first position on the market. The Next Galaxy must be what every customer wish to be.

What's next
As Samsung promote The Next Galaxy, might be a curved display. In the near past, Samsung released another picture with an intelligent text, “What’s Next”. This represents a smartphone body with elegant curved sides. On the same photo, we could see that this device will be present at the MWC in Barcelona on March.



Two Samsung devices with flexible display this year and just one from LG?

February 21, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

With the last important technology congress from Las Vegas, CES, the mobile phone news, prototypes and products excited people around the world with different devices evolved and sophisticated. Has been released the LG G Flex 2, the fastest smartphone on the actual market, with a big curve display and the ability of the back cover to be auto-repaired. From CES to our days appeared a lot of concepts and rumors about the smartphone future like the Galaxy S6 device with a metal body and a curve display or the Galaxy S6 EDGE or Dual EDGE and even the LG G 4 smartphone, even it’s a small step for LG to launch another device after the LG G Flex 2 and a not so good idea to release a high-tech device in less than two months.

At the moment, it can observe a high development of flexible display technology on the mobile market and the important display producers continuously develop most flexible devices and displays. The 2015 starts with the LG G Flex 2 a smartphone with the ability to be bent and to come back in its original form without any damages at the internal components or display. G Flex 2 has a High-resolution P-OLED flexible display that’s 1080p powered by a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon processor  with 3 GB of RAM, together packed with the latest Android OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop makes LG the fastest smartphone on the 2015 market. At the moment, the G Flex 2 smartphone with flexible display is available in South Korea without contract at a price of $737.

LG G Flex 2

Another expectation for MWC 2015 is the Samsung device who makes furors on the internet with many 3D concepts and articles, Samsung Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 rumors are that will feature a flexible display more exactly will be like the Galaxy Note EDGE, with an EDGE side or both EDGE sides which could be difficult to protect from scratches. The EDGE Samsung display is designed to read notifications and information like weather or other small device updates. Galaxy S6 seems to ditch the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for its Exynos 7420 chipset, a chipset which is designed for computation performance but with a low graphic performance compared to Qualcomm chipsets. Galaxy S6 will have a metal casing covered with glass at the back and front. The Flexible display will be an AMOLED or SUPER-AMOLED flexible plastic substrate.

Galaxy S6 Edge

New details comes for the Samsung flexible display smartphone, the Galaxy Round the first device with flexible Youm display which will be developed for this year with a new design and a new “face” in the Galaxy Round 2. Probably Samsung will release this product as a quick response to LG flexible display device, LG G Flex 2. Galaxy Round 2 seems to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, and 3 GB of RAM, like its real competitor LG. Also, will feature a huge flexible display, with a Full HD resolution, a 5.7-inch display. Galaxy Round 2 will include a 13 MP main camera and a 2 MP secondary with a 32 GB internal storage.  All features are just rumors because Samsung hasn’t announced anything about that but could be the first flexible display smartphone running Tizen OS.

Galaxy Round 2

Rumors-Pebble 2 could be released next week

February 20, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Pebble 2 could be released next week

After just take a look at the official Pebble website, a strange countdown appears on the screen. They say that is like a surprise and if you are curious you can enter your email address to be the first to know what is about. After two years from first Pebble, is supposed to release the Pebble 2 next week. After Pebble just received an update on 16 February, the 2.9 firmware update, Pebble could be seen as an Android Wear, having the ability to show notification like Android Wear. The Pebble’s new update corrected some software bugs  like the WhatsApp application and auto-update watch face.

pebble steel

The Pebble 2 could be announced next week, somewhere about 24th February  with some good improvements like an E Ink bigger display and some new colours for the new device.  Continue Reading →

From Neptune Pine to Neptune Duo, now with a large curved display

February 19, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Neptune Pine

Neptune Duo and Neptune Pine, two different devices with one purpose to make our life easier. Both Neptune smartwatches, or bracelets are designed perfectly for the anatomical hand form and promises a good hardware configuration.
Neptune Pine is the wearable device released last year with an unusual large display, a 2.4 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with 320 x 240 resolution. For the screen is used Gorilla Glass. Pine is powered by a powerful processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.2Ghz two variant of storage, 16 GB and 32 GB and 512 Mb of RAM. Like a good detail, Pine has a Micro-SIM slot card and the possibility to expand the internal storage. Is equipped with a microphone for calls and a speaker and support WI-FI. Pine has also two cameras, the front-facing is a 0.3 MP and the main is 5 MP each with dedicated flash.

Neptune Duo Neptune Duo Neptune Duo
The necessary power is provided by an 810 mAh battery.
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