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Galaxy Tab S Pro could be released at MWC in March 2015

February 1, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Samsung is an important tablet producer on the world wearable market. In the last years, Samsung released many Galaxy Tab devices, and the latest products from the S line are equipped with Super AMOLED screen. From the S, line is two models, Galaxy Tab 8.4 S and Galaxy Tab 10.5 S. Galaxy Tab 8.4 S is a high-tech device with a 8.4 inch display and a high resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Tab 8.4 have am Exynos 5420 chipset and 3GB of RAM memory. It has a 8 MP rear camera, WI-FI, BT GPS sensor and a 2.0 microUSBport.

The Galaxy Tab 10.5 S is a bigger variant of the 8.4 model, running Android KitKat 4.4, with a 10.5 inch display and a 8 MP rear camera. Olso, the internal memory is 16 GB and 3 GB RAM memory. it has a SuperAMOLED display with 2560 x 1600 pixels.
In the near future, Samsung might release a new model of the S Line, according to Sammobile, in the Milk Music app supported device, was spoken about a Samsung Tab S Pro, for the moment an unknown device. This new model could be launched at MWC in March 2015. There are not any information about the specifications, but we might see a 12.2 inch device with a Super AMOLED display.


January 31, 2015
by Laur

LG G4 release date, features and specification

LG will produce a new type of extra-bendable OLED display as rumors said, from July this year. The new extra-bendable display is an entire body plastic display which is mean that the possibility to broke the screen is near to zero.
The new display model will have better colors and a high-quality brightness. This new LG display will be probably integrated with the new LG G4 components in the Q2 of 2015. LG G4 will have a 5.3 inches with 554 pixel density. The new G4 could feature a flexible display with the new OLED display technology released. Olso rumors said that new G4 will feature a 4K screen and will be waterproof(IP67 rating).

LG G4 LG flexible display
The LG G4 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and a huge RAM memory, rumors said that will be 4 GB of RAM. It will be available in two variants, one with 32 GB and one with 64 GB storage.
The primary camera will be a 16 MP with laser autofocus, optical image stabilization, and 5312 x 2988 pixel resolution and the secondary will be a 5 MP with Full HD recording. For a better battery life, G4 will use the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
What would you like for the future LG smartphone?

Officials announce Apple Watch to be launched in April 2015

January 30, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Apple Watch the most expected wearable device from Apple has been confirmed by CEO Tim Cook, to be ship in April 2015. The Apple Watch will feature a flexible Retina display with sapphire cover. There are not any rumors about the resolution or about the size of the Retina display. Anyway, the Apple Watch will feature three variant for the iWatch and probably will be one stainless steel, one aluminium case and for gold lovers, an 18-karat gold case. Also, the iWatch will have the possibility to change straps, and will include four sensors. About the Digital Crown, which is designed as a navigation button, seems to be a unique concept and helpful.

Apple Watch

Image source: OledInfo

As we can see in the internet photos, the Apple watch has a fashionable case with nice curves and a many straps possibilities. The software might be the IOS 9 with many improvements to run perfectly on a smaller CPU and less RAM memory than an iPhone device. Rumors said that the Apple Watch will be pair limited, that thing could be possible only with an Apple device and not with an Android device. This thing can limit the Apple selling range because there are many Android users who will probably wish a different smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to be launched with E Ink and 20 MP back cover accessories?

January 29, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

The cases and the flip cases became popular in the past and were used by the most phone users to protect their devices from scratch, water or dust, nut in the near past, phone cases has more than a protection purposes, they transform into a fashion phone life style.
From the simplicity of plastic or textile protectors, the case market evolve to a new style, which can display only a part of the display like the flip case for Samsung Galaxy S4 for example or iPhone case.

Galaxy S4 flip cover


Now, in a fashion back covers market, Samsung has decided to enter into a new case concept according to GSM Arena. Samsung seems to have a different concept case for the Galaxy S6 smartphone, with a performant camera or an E Ink display.

E Ink Back Case
How does it work?
For the concept case with optical image stabilization, is necessary to connect the case to the smartphone and you will have an optional 20 MP back cover camera.
The E Ink back cover can be similar to the Yota Phone secondary display, and will offer users the possibility to read a book, or e-mails, of office documents with a huge advantage of low power consumption. As a plus for the E Ink Samsung back cover, according to this report, Samsung will develop an application to track your steps and more fitness activity, like the S-Health does but with more features like pulse measure, or oxygen level in the blood.
Also, Samsung has in plan to release a Galaxy S6 case for the sports enthusiasts with some kind of support that can be attached to a bicycle. This one, connected with the smartphone can show information about the distance, the heart rate bit and calories consumption.

Samsung flexible display to release with new products this year

January 28, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

As we can see, the 2015 year could be called the year of technology. Many important smartphone producers have unveiled some of their new technology for the future products, like Samsung or LG. The 2015 trend is for flexible display devices. There are a lot of rumors and official news about flexible display and flexible devices but for the moment we have only a few products with this kind of feature.

Samsung display
One of the biggest smartphone producers that every year comes with something new on the market is Samsung, and for 2015 Samsung planned to introduce the Samsung Flexible Display Phone Brand with a new technology that will be revolutionary. The foldable AMOLED display used by Samsung in 2014 for the Galaxy Note Pro is still under research at Samsung and will be used for 2015 Flexible Display Phone. Samsung is the first display producer who releases the first AMOLED display which can be folded. The AMOLED using offers a low cost, low power consumption and a thickness considerable, like a piece of paper.
Samsung try to release a product with a curve display, the Samsung Galaxy Round, but the screen is not an unbreakable one, using a protective glass, but for this year is expected an unique type of display, an unbreakable display without protective glass, maybe some kind of plastic foldable display.

The revolutionary TempTraq is more than a thermometer, with flexible display

January 28, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

TempTraq digital thermometer is a unique device for tracking your child temperature. Once with the flexible display technology, TempTraq has launched a medical device which is able to flex its body after the anatomic structure of a child. With advanced technology, TempTraq works connected with a smartphone using the Bluetooth technology to transfer the information to your phone. Also, is able to do that by an application dedicated from the Google Play or IOS Store. TempTrack is able to measure exactly the human body temperature and is the most accurate temperature measurement device at the moment.

TempTraq thermometer
TempTraq has a flexible body and can be applied to the baby skin for tracking the temperature, being a flexible, thin, soft and comfortable device. There is no need to disturb the baby, because of the wireless technology who sends the temperature information directly to you Android smartphone or IOS. TempTraq applied can measure 24 hours baby’s temperature thing that make the measurement easier for parents and babies. Compared with the conventional digital or analog thermometer the future device from TemTraq will acquire the top position on the market with its unique features. As is called, the most accurate temperature device, TempTracq has a large scale of measurement, between 30° Celsius that meant 86° Fahrenheit and 42.38° Celsius which is meant 108.3 Fahrenheit.

TempTraq mobile application
With the helpfully smartphone application for both most common operating system, called also TempTraq, you could have 24 hours temperature graphic with the evolving temperature, or fever alert when the temperature increase and also, can monitor more than one baby at the same time. The TempTraq information can be sended to your family doctor using the Email or like a text message, making the things easier until you can go to your doctor for a prescription. The flexible device is like a bandage and has to be applied under the baby arm.
With all those features, more than sure TempTraq will revolution the thermometer market in the near future.


Source: TempTraq

Apple concept like a Google ARA project

January 27, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Like the Transformers movie, the future Apple iMac comes as a puzzle and can be used as an iMac, or MacBook and even an iPad. The innovative concept of Cristian Tomas Moyano proposes a different concept of Apple for the future with Awsome design and function. This concept keeps the electronic market trend, that making smaller devices with better capabilities every year. The Apple concept called lightMac, offer an amazing mobility and experience of tablets and the power of a desktop computer for the future.

iMac concept
This concept is similar to Google Ara Project but with bigger powerful components, creating a new range of options for users experience.
The central module and the external module combined offers the possibility to use it as an iMac. With a core i9 processor and 16 GB of RAM Memory, the central module is like a tablet beast. Also, the central module has a 4 TB Hard Disk memory, an advanced Bluetooth module 6.0, Wi-FI connection and about 24 hours of battery life and no screen! Combined with the External module, we can have a screen projector and a new compatible with i9 processor, an AX processor with 4 GB of RAM Memory and 256 GB SSD Hard Drive. Also, the external module has a WI-FI connection, Bluetooth 6.0, and about 12 hours of battery life.

iMac concept
The iMac display concept can be re-sized by joining or separating the external module, and can have a wireless keyboard connected od just use the projected keyboard. By combining the modules, you can have a powerful desktop computer with more battery life and more storage capacity and by applying the Thunderbolt display could have a complete desktop computer experience.
The lightMac comes with high-quality liquid-metal accessories which can be acquired separately.




iMac concept



Source: Tuvie