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Apple concept like a Google ARA project

January 27, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Like the Transformers movie, the future Apple iMac comes as a puzzle and can be used as an iMac, or MacBook and even an iPad. The innovative concept of Cristian Tomas Moyano proposes a different concept of Apple for the future with Awsome design and function. This concept keeps the electronic market trend, that making smaller devices with better capabilities every year. The Apple concept called lightMac, offer an amazing mobility and experience of tablets and the power of a desktop computer for the future.

iMac concept
This concept is similar to Google Ara Project but with bigger powerful components, creating a new range of options for users experience.
The central module and the external module combined offers the possibility to use it as an iMac. With a core i9 processor and 16 GB of RAM Memory, the central module is like a tablet beast. Also, the central module has a 4 TB Hard Disk memory, an advanced Bluetooth module 6.0, Wi-FI connection and about 24 hours of battery life and no screen! Combined with the External module, we can have a screen projector and a new compatible with i9 processor, an AX processor with 4 GB of RAM Memory and 256 GB SSD Hard Drive. Also, the external module has a WI-FI connection, Bluetooth 6.0, and about 12 hours of battery life.

iMac concept
The iMac display concept can be re-sized by joining or separating the external module, and can have a wireless keyboard connected od just use the projected keyboard. By combining the modules, you can have a powerful desktop computer with more battery life and more storage capacity and by applying the Thunderbolt display could have a complete desktop computer experience.
The lightMac comes with high-quality liquid-metal accessories which can be acquired separately.




iMac concept



Source: Tuvie



Smartcall, smartwatch for hearing impaired persons could be a real help

January 26, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Smartcall designed by Raees PK comes with a special function especially for those persons with hearing impaired problems. The watch is conceived to can make calls or to alert to speaking or to hearing impaired people. As we all known, a person with hearing impaired can’t hear a normal phone call or text alert. Smartcall is designed to work with two paired smartwatches with SIM slot or paired with a conventional phone through Bluetooth technology and a connected GPS.

Smartcall concept for impaired people
Olso the device could work for one non-impaired person and one impaired or for two impaired persons. To activate an alert between two impaired persons, is necessary to press and hold the call button and the other impaired person will receive a vibration feedback. In his technology, GPS will locate the direction of an alert and the Bluetooth will transfer the call to a vibration. The Bluetooth technology allows to make an alert to an entire group in the Bluetooth range also. The connection between an impaired person and a non-impaired one can be made by a smartphone application.
Smartcall can be called for impaired person a real help in the day to day life like the white stick is for blind people.

Smartcall concept for impaired people

Smartcall design is an attracting one, like a normal bracelet without a hasp, for a quick appliance. The display is one curved and probably is an E Ink curved display, with generous dimensions. Olso the battery is a flexible one, and for a person with a disability, must run longer than a normal battery that we could find on a normal smartwatch.


Source: Tuvie

Nokia Embrace concept can beat Galaxy Round

January 25, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Nokia Embrace concept wants to be an interesting smartphone with high-end specifications. Embrace materials are, as Alyssa O’Neill designed, aluminium, sapphire glass, hyper glaze layer and plastic. Nokia Embrace could be a future competitor for Galaxy Round, having almost the same shapes. Embrace feature stereo speakers and a built in amplifier, and an updated Windows Phone UI. On the rear, Embrace will have fingerprint sensors and could be possible to be located in the right rear part for one-hand use.

Nokia Embrace concept

Also, on the rear, Embrace has an “alien camera” and I meaning that will feature a 41 megapixel camera with 4K probably feature.
Also, Embrace has a new look, with a high-curve display, as the Samsung Galaxy Round has it. Another interesting thing in Nokia concept is that the display features a full touchscreen display. For never loose an important mail or text message, the concept has a built in LED on the touch screen zone, on the top of the phone. These notifications, appear for five seconds when are received, and then disappear. The home screen button is also, integrated into the touch screen zone, on the bottom of the phone. All four corners of the device are protected with silicone band. preventing the screen for falling situations.

Nokia Embrace concept Nokia Embrace concept Nokia Embrace concept

Source: Behance.net

Flexible displays assault automotive market

January 25, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

OLED technology has been developed in the last past years a lot and in the present is not a big surprise to find OLED technology even in the automotive market. Continental AG, is a big German manufacturing company, and they shown that the OLED flexible display could be integrated in automotive domain, presenting a dual screen AMOLED flexible display made from one convex and one concave smaller displays, which is actually a secondary car display.

Continental AG AMOLED Technology Video
This two-pats display tested by Continental is made by LG or Samsung, both manufacturers having the flexible display technology finished. LG already signed a contract with the German car makers, like Daimler-Benz, for OLED panels, based on flexible plastic displays.

samsung flexible display on audi prototype
Olso, Samsung and Audi have a collaboration for the Audi Prologue prototype. Audi is using its prototype a bendable OLED display, which is designed to be used for climate control and vehicle settings. Samsung bendable display is a 226.56 mm x 141.6 mm with high resolution, 2560 x 1600 pixel. Prologue still having rigid panels but upgraded the technology with a 4K LCD for the front passenger. Audi has tested the OLED technology since 2012 in R18 prototype when installed AMOLED rear view mirrors

Audi Prologue and OLED flexible display technology

Flexible computers will be possible with Transistor improvements

January 23, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Paper-thin computer display could be flexible with the new transistor that are and will be improved in Japan at Japan’s National Institute of Material Science. This way, scientists, can incorporate any organic semi-conductors in a flexible display to amplify or improve a week signal.
OFETs (organic field-effect transistors) are designed to produce flexible devices or large screen electronics with a low-cost price. Light-emitting OFETs has been developed in 2003 and today registered a high stadium development, making a high step in developing a new display technology. LE-OFETs will be compatible with actually electronic technologies and has been used to develop a flexible, transparent computer screen. With LE-OFETs technology, those screens, will be a faster response, low energy consumption, better efficiency.

Flexible screen
If plastic memory will be developed, will be a major change on the flexible devices market and the OFETs will be the door opener to a higher flexibility. Scientists estimated that flexible computing devices will appear on the market in over ten years. In the present, there are issues with the actual technology that are using light-emitting and light-receiving transistors.

Apple Glasses could beat Google Glasses

January 23, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

After a lot of gadgets has been presented at CES 2015, Sony presents their Smart Glasses, we are thinking about Apple to release some kind of iGlasses to keep the wearables trend. Smart Glasses are a new way fo see the future, with a high technology built-in, they are able to bring a lot of information at our lenses.

Olso, Apple could enter in this segment with the iGlasses. iGlass has an innovative design, actually like a conventional pair of glasses, but with very nice shapes and a younger design, concept to can wear an entire day without a headache. iGlasses cold be released in two different colours, grey and space grey but also, could follow the iPhone pattern colours.

iglasses iglasses
iGlasses are designed with a fashionable sensor on the right side, with a little-led light for ambience. Also, on the curved lenses are a lot of sensors, which can adapt the light for low distance reading or for sun protection, making them Helio mate in full sunlight. iGlasses are also equipped with a microphone and a small speaker near the ear, and paired with the iPhone device, to can receive a call or to follow the route offered by Siri. The lenses are specially curved and can show information from you iPhone like GPS route or a text message that you received.

Source: Apple Glasses

Vikaura Screen can last years without a new battery

January 22, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Vikaura is the future device with never needs recharge or plug in the device, being a device which can run years without charging its battery. With no cords feature, you have the possibility to put it where you need it or you want it.
With the Bluetooth feature, you can simply connect your smartphone to it and can send pictures or text or update your daily program. Vikaura features like App Linking, Open API, Direct Link or Feeds Feature, make you life easier, offering the possibility to send direct links, images, choose content or to create your own app to display on it.

Vikura E Ink Screen
Vikaura battery life is longer because of the unique power management and the E Ink display which is known for its low power consumption and can last many years on its own battery. Also, this innovative display has a good resolution, 220 ppi. Vikaura can be used connectedly with an Android device or an IOS device.

Vikura E Ink Screen


For the moment, Vikaura Screen has a proven design, the prototype has been built, and tested, and the device its 100% functionally.
With all those information and tests, the prototype, can enter in the manufacturing stage.