Kenya has one of the most powerful gambling industries in Africa, with most forms of gambling permitted, including casinos, betting poker games, online betting, online casinos and mobile casinos.

As we know the internet has become very popular all over the globe leading to people to think of creative ways that they can make use it. There are also many other reasons why many people in Kenya are into an online casino.

Let us understand what online casino games are available for Kenyans, how to play for real money using KES and the best online casino sites accepting Kenyan players. Online gambling in Kenya has become a big business in a short time.

With the online casino and internet changed the gaming sector in Kenya as Internet penetration rates in the African country grow.

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Kenya’s online gambling laws:

In terms of the popularity of online gambling in Kenya has reached great success. Casino games are becoming more and more popular as Internet accessibility expands all over the globe. Kenyan players have access to all types of online casino games.

Popular games include slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat, craps, table poker, keno, lotto, bingo, scratch cards and niche games that are unique to online casinos.

Online casino is becoming very popular

In 2011, the first legal and regulated online gaming sites appeared. Since then, online gaming and betting sites have increased greatly in popularity all over the world. In June 2017, Kenya’s President signed a new gambling tax into law. Then, imposing a standard 35% tax rate across all gambling revenue in the country, including on betting, casinos and lotteries.

Earlier it was licensed and regulated Kenyan land-based and online sports betting firms were subject to taxes of only 7.5%.

Explanations for the popularity of online gambling and betting:

  • Convenience, comfort and ease of internet gambling
  • An aversion to traditional land-based casinos
  • Prefer the format of online gambling
  • potential for larger wins and lower costs to play

These are the reasons why many people love playing online casino. People get money from it without having to struggle and travel. Many people earn a living through Online Casino by just Downloading the game and get entertained in the process. However, players need to understand that gambling is a game that requires you to set your mind that you can either lose or win. You should, therefore, use money that you are ready to lose