Kenya is a developing country with leading economic growth. It provides a lot of job opportunities for youngsters. Anyone who has the ability and interest can make money easily.

Making money in Kenya requires basic education that can be pursued either part-time or full-time occupations. Let us understand simple tips on how to make quick money in Kenya.

1: make money sitting at homeworking online

2: Renting out extra rooms

3: freelancing offline

4: brokering

5: tuition from home

6: part-time tutoring

7: teaching art

8: agriculture

9: start an online business

10: working on campus

Making money is all about solving one’s financial problems. People looking to add extra income to their monthly income can choose any one of these jobs.

These type of jobs are easy to work ns suitable for all age people as part-time or full time depending on their free time.

How to Earn While Studying In Kenya:

Although the main goal of students is to study, and carve a bright future for themselves, they are still lagging back. This is because of the increase in tuition fees and living costs in recent years in Kenya.

Most of the parents and guardians in Kenya are unable to pay school fees. As result, students forced to look for alternative ways to make money legally in Kenya. Because the majority of Kenyan students struggle to make ends meet.

make money in Kenya

The little money offered by their parents is not enough to pay school fees, cover rent, buy food, print out assignments, etc. for better survival, the students have to find an alternative easy ways of making money in Kenya legally.

  • Tutor your fellow students
  • Design websites
  • Do freelance work
  • Volunteer for research
  • Babysitting
  • Being a tour guide
  • Teaching your talent to other students
  • Start own blog


Thus, campus student can make money online in Kenya through several ways. Among them, these are the simple ways to make money as a student in Kenya. Students can choose part-tie or full-tie jobs based on their availability of free time. As students have to concentrate on both academics and work, choose a comfortable and easy way to earn money.

Students can also make money sitting at home. That is, playing online games and make money fast. Playing online games not only benefits students in Kenya but also students all over the world.