There are so many different sports betting options to bet on. People even create betting pools for every sporting. People mostly bet on sports that they are familiar with. People should know the rules of the game, how much to bet and how to make more profit in betting.

Always start your bet with some amount. Now, Let us understand the most popular sport to bet and what makes betting so popular.

Worldwide Top List of Most Betted on Sports:

1:profit in betting Soccer

2: Football

3: Basketball

4: Tennis

5: Cricket

6: Golf

7: Horse Racing

8: Boxing


Football is the most popular and biggest sport to bet on. Basically, with the NFL leading the charge followed by college football. Basketball is the second biggest sport for betting in the United States. People make millions of profit betting on football sport.

Horse Racing:

People need to understand a lot of things before betting on horse racing. Let us understand the concept of horse betting. Instead of picking only the top three horses, you can pick up top four horses in a given race. It has to finish in the exact order that you choose for you to win your bet. A daily double bet is one where players pick the winner of two consecutive races. Most experts agree that horse-racing is not the most predictable sport to bet on.

popular for betting

What Makes a Sports Popular to Bet On?

  • It makes sense that the most viewed and most accessible sports would be the ones that most people would choose to bet on. This is because of the following factors:
  • Most sports offer a wide variety of betting options on the more popular sports so that they keep their players happy with the variety.
  • Information on these sports is more easily available with statistics and history easily accessible for formulating a calculated bet.
  • They are shown on television around the world so that your bet can be monitored increasing the feeling of involvement.
  • People tend to invest more in betting when they can watch the events. Feedback and comments upon sports give you a better clarify to choose the best sport to bet on.
  • Sport event has the most betting whereas less popular games are sometimes easier to make money. As it is not as sharp and allows the players to find greater value in their bets.