Kenya has reached a great expand in popularity in betting and online casino games. Gambling in Kenya has been legal since 1966. Kenya is the third-largest gambling market in Africa.  As we all know the benefits we get through playing online casino games, but still, there are few rules and restrictions to be followed by the players before they place a bet.

Let us understand some features of online casino games that offer their players.

  • Brilliant casino games.
  • Regular bonus offers
  • Customer service.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Different payment options.

These are the main features of online casino games. Players prefer to choose online casino games as it is more comfortable and convenient playing from home. Gaming popularity in Kenya has reached all over the world.

Rules to be followed before placing a bet:

The main and important rule to be considered in the beginning is to check if the layer age is 18 and above. According to the government there are age restrictions to play online casino games.

You will not be allowed to bet if you are under 18 in Kenya. The minimum gambling age is 18 in Kenya. to check if the players are 18 or above .online betting sites require players to confirm that they are over 18 when they sign up and that they can conduct their checks to verify a players’ age.

Those checks often involve requesting a copy of ID documentation from the players and limiting their account until the documentation is provided.

What Documents Sites Can Ask players for age verification:

The players’ passport.

The players’ photo card driving licence.

A household bill in the players’ name.

A national ID card with the customer’s name and photograph.

A credit or debit card in the players’ name or a recent statement.

legal age for betting

Legal age for betting is based on different types of gambling. The rules are set down clearly in Part 4 of the act which is entitled ‘Protection of Children and Young Persons’. The act defines that children are being aged under 16 and young persons are being aged under 18.

As such, it sets down that lotteries, scratch cards and football pool games are legal for those aged over 16 all other forms of gambling are only legal for those aged over 18. In the end, 18 is the age you can bet and gamble in Kenya.