“Kenya matters because it’s one of the places where the future of technology is coming into focus by a generation of creative people. Building the future, improving their infrastructure and growing their economy “.

Kenya has the 65th-largest consumer market of the world. For years, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya has been the cradle of technological innovation in Kenya.

Kenya is a developing country; Agriculture has been the main source of income in Kenya. Kenya agriculture is the second-largest contributor to gross domestic product (GDP).

Kenya technology

The top exports in Kenya are tea, cut flowers, petroleum and coffee. Let us discuss Kenya’s technology innovations development over recent years.

Kenya the leading global hub:

When it comes to technology, Kenya have technology that been ranked top in Africa in terms of the Government’s artificial intelligence (AI) readiness according to news reports. This highlights the country in preparing for the adoption of the innovations and revolutionary technology compared to its regional peers.

A new study on technology in Kenya by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) and Oxford Insights ranks Kenya first on the continent and 52nd country globally. Today, Kenya has become host to a flourishing ecosystem for numerous platforms.

technological innovation

Platforms such as software applications, services and even social habits have emerged from the country’s aptitude and appetite, for mobile transaction platforms.

Ushahidi is one of the most significant software innovations to emerging from Kenya. Ushahidi is an application that allows large groups of people to submit crisis-related information via email, social media or text message. This information is later to be visualized on an online map.

Yet Kenya has technological innovation with the unique combination of a large population of digital transaction platform users, strong public sector support and a rapid growth towards a global reputation for innovation.