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Blu, the complete flexible display wearable device could be available on May 2015

February 23, 2015 by Laur | 3 Comments

A new project has been posted o Kickstarter about flexible devices. This new project is called Blu and combine perfectly a smartphone and a smartwatch. Blu project will be the first flexible display wearable smartphone. Blu has a futuristic design and will be a powerful smartphone with the flexibility of a watch.
The technology described for this concept is OLED, which offers the possibility to be a complete flexible device. The Blu device will have a wrist circumference from 5.5 inches to 8.5 inches.

Blu concept

Blu flexible display wearable concept

The display size is 5.3 inches and the technology is F-OLED( flexible OLED display), a technology with just 0.8 mm thinness and has the ability to be rolled. Also, the display protection for this new concept will be Gorilla Willow a new flexible protection developed by Gorilla Glass.
As I mentioned, this device is more than a smartwatch and more than a smartphone. This combination makes it a unique wearable device with high expectation. Blu will run Android OS probably Lollipop, will have a 5.3 inches F-OLED flexible display protected by Corning Willow, 2 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64 GB.
Being full flexible device, needs a flexible battery and designers have a plan for that. They are using a flexible thin film battery with 2400mAH capacity. The advantages of those batteries are that offers a thin device, a light weight devices, high output voltage and is safe, no fluids.

Blu flexible display wearable concept

Blu flexible display wearable concept

Blu device is waterproof and this was possible by makes it complete wireless. Blu supports Bluetooth headphones and wireless charging. For that, every Blu device will come with a wireless dock and NFC.
Blu device could be available for $799 after the concept will reach the $600000 goal.


From Neptune Pine to Neptune Duo, now with a large curved display

February 19, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Neptune Pine

Neptune Duo and Neptune Pine, two different devices with one purpose to make our life easier. Both Neptune smartwatches, or bracelets are designed perfectly for the anatomical hand form and promises a good hardware configuration.
Neptune Pine is the wearable device released last year with an unusual large display, a 2.4 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with 320 x 240 resolution. For the screen is used Gorilla Glass. Pine is powered by a powerful processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.2Ghz two variant of storage, 16 GB and 32 GB and 512 Mb of RAM. Like a good detail, Pine has a Micro-SIM slot card and the possibility to expand the internal storage. Is equipped with a microphone for calls and a speaker and support WI-FI. Pine has also two cameras, the front-facing is a 0.3 MP and the main is 5 MP each with dedicated flash.

Neptune Duo Neptune Duo Neptune Duo
The necessary power is provided by an 810 mAh battery.
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Samsung Orbis challenge the wearable market with new features

February 15, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Wearables are on the market seen as new electronics and that thing will make the people buy them and understand the utility of a smartwatch. A smartwatch could offer information about your daily schedule, about missed calls or text messages, and the evolved devices, could count your steps and measure your heartbeat rate.
The next period will record a significant increase in sales for that kind of devices about 35% grow rate per year according to a report of wearable technology.
On a “young market”, Samsung think a new type of smartwatch that is planned to acquire the majority of the market, the Orbis smartwatch. Orbis is a round metal case device as Moto 360, who registered a good position on the market, which must come with better features than Moto 360. Orbis, promises to be a “something really new”, with its rotating bezel. The rotating bezel to the left will help you to explore the notification center and identify that you are searching for. Rotating the bezel to the right, will reject a call from your smartphone. Orbis does not have the feature to make or reject a call.

Samsung Orbis Concept
If you want to reject a call and quickly send a message, you just need to rotate the bezel to the right and then to left to send the message. Orbis will have also a crown button like the Apple Watch with rotate and press function like close recent applications or close call. Another function of the rotating bezel is to change music track when the music app is opened or to dismiss the morning alarm.

Samsung Orbis will probably have a wireless charging system and the watch display will be a curved OLED display.The operating system is not sure, but the probability to be a Tizen OS is huge, because Samsung wants to use its own OS from this year.

Samsung Orbis, as you can see in the top description, is a totally new concept of a smartwatch and will be based on the rotary bezel to make the difference between a classic smartwatch and this new Samsung concept.
Samsung Orbis could be released on the 1st March at Mobile World congress in Barcelona, maybe with the new Samsung device, Galaxy S6.

HTC Petra a new rival for Apple and Samsung-wearables device

February 11, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

American president of HTC, Jason Mackenzie, confirmed rumors about an HTC wearable first device. First HTC wearable device is named Petra and is expected for the Q1 of 2015. After rumors, there aren’t enough information about the Petra name, is this will be the product name or is just a codename.

HTC Logo
HTC Petra will run probably the HTC operation system, RTOS and could be paired with devices with Android from 4.4 KitKat and up and also with Apple devices with IOS 7 or higher. Petra will feature a PMOLED flexible display of 1.8 inch and 160 x 32 resolution. With an IP57 water and dust resistant, HTC Petra could be used in any conditions. Petra will feature as well an ST Micro STM32L151 chipset with GPS and Bluetooth support.
There will be a high power battery with three days life and three sizes available for HTC Petra: Large, medium and small size.
HTC Petra will have standard applications installed like Stopwatch, Timer, Step Analysis, Sports Analysis, Weather applications, Alarm, Music Control.
HTC Petra is rumored to be responsible for black and gray and teal and lime colors, and to be launching for the first time in U.S. with a footpad for steps analyzes.

The new Apple Watch could keep your Tesla Car at your fingers

February 8, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

After Apple unveiled their first smartwatch called Apple Watch, many concepts have been releases too on the electronic news. Apple watch has been officially announced as a flexible Retina display with sapphire cover. Most probably, the display technology will be plastic-based OLED. Apple Watch will be a high precision smartwatch using multiple technologies to can synchronize with your iPhone even when you’re traveling in another hour area.
For notification, Apple Watch will gentle tap you when a call or a notification is received. Apple Pay is an Apple application, that allow you to secure pay using your Apple Watch. Now, paying is more simple with just Apple Watch setup.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch will be disposable in three different models, Stainless steel Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. The first model will be a stainless steel or a space black stainless stell case, with a Sapphire crystal.The Watch Sport will be an Anodized aluminum case, space gray or silver with an Ion-X glass. The most luxury from them is the Watch Edition, an 18 Karat gold case rose or yellow with sapphire crystal display. Apple Watch is a nice fitness companion and health assistant with the built in sensors and defined applications. With the Activity application, device can measure a full day activity like steps you take, the frequency and quality of your steps, heart beat rate, and could suggest you to move more or sit.
With the Workout application, Apple Watch trains you in the cardio session too. Watch is able to learn your training program and to stimulate you on the lazy days, so you can live a healthier life.

Tesla App
As a concept application for the Apple Watch future users and Tesla Car users I’ve found the Tesla App. This could help you to lock/unlock your car, to set the inside temperature car or to see the charging process.

Source: Behance

First Carta E Ink Display fits the Kobo Aura H2O waterproof eReader

February 5, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Kobo Aura H2o is the first eReader with the waterproof feature from the market, with the IP67 Certified could be waterproof up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. Now you can have the preferred book with you at the bath, at the beach and even at the coffee lounge without worries. If it dropped into the water accidentally just use the included dry cloth to dry the screen and it will work like new. Aura H2o has a good battery life which can last up to two months being well optimized with the E Ink display. With a big 6.8″ touchscreen display at 265 dpi, is the first device with Carta E Ink technology with that dimension offering the best experience to print on paper text and a high image resolution.

Kubo Aura H2OAura H2a has a powerful 1Ghz processor that makes the page changing quickly and 4Gb internal storage with the expandable possibility up to 32 Gb using a microSD memory card. With this huge storage possibility, users can store now thousands of preferred eBooks. Carta E Ink display offers with the ClarityScreen+ technology a bigger user experience than a conventional eReader with clear text even into the sunlight, and with the ComfortLight fully adjustable can direct the light to your eBook avoiding the eyestrain. Also, Kobo offers access to Kobo’s eBookstore with the built-in WI-FI module, where you can find more than 4 million eBooks. With TypeGenius dedicated application, you can select a preferred font and the perfect words size and can adjust the margins. Another cool feature offered by the TypeGenius is the reading speed tracking, and the option to create bookshelves and share them with your preferred group on Facebook. Kobo Aura H2O offers the possibility to keep you eReader as new with the Kobo SleepCover which protect from falls and scratches and saves your battery life with the integrated sensor that turn your device on and off when you open and close the cover.

Flexible display usability on the actual market

February 2, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

With the new developed technology in the present, you are able to perfectly create flexible electronics on plastic enables transformational advantages for product durability, weight, shape with a low-cost price.
What kind of products can use a flexible display?
Imagine a smartphone with wraparound display that opens out into a tablet

In the present a flexible display can be found in flexible and foldable displays for mobile, wearables, surface displays and sensors(automotive technology), smarter cards, and medical and industrial imaging.

Flexible and foldable displays for mobile
As we can observe, the mobile development market is evolving fast and tends to integrate the flexible displays in the future products. Samsung has released the fist device with a flexible display in October 2013, using a Super Flexible AMOLED display with 5.7 inches and 386 ppi pixel density. After that, LG released in November 2013 the LG G Flex, a smartphone with a flexible display, using A Curved P-OLED display with 6 inches and 245 ppi pixel density. In 2014, Samsung developed a new type of flexible display and implemented it into the Galaxy Note EDGE, released in September 2014. The Note Edge has a curved display on the right side for notifications and short commands. The latest device announced with a flexible display is LG G Flex 2, using a Curved P-OLED display of 5.5 inches and 403 ppi pixel density.
In the smartphone market, there are rumors about the new Galaxy S6 which could be released in March 2015 at MWC to be an EDGE phone.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Source: GSMArena.com

LG G Flex 2

Source: GSMArena.com

E-ink smartwatches are wearable devices that using a flexible display. Also, fitness wearables devices are using a flexible display. There are a lot of concepts for the future based on flexible displays like Archos Activity Tracker, Movea, LG Lifeband Touch and other. Wearables devices like Apple Watch concept, Samsung smartwatch, and other are using flexible displays.

LG LifebandArchos fitness
Surface display and sensors
Now can integrate displays and sensors into different surfaces to achieve a combination of function and form. The automotive market has adopted the flexible display technology for the future models. One of it Audi with Prologue prototype, which is using a bendable OLED display designed for climate control and other vehicle settings. Used display is a Samsung flexible display with 226.56 mm x 141.6 mm and a high resolution, 2560 x 1600 pixel. LG also signed a contract with Daimler-Benz for OLED panels. In the concept zone, we can include the Mercedes F015 that’s using flexible displays on the doors and windscreen.

Mercedes Benz F015 Loungeinside car surface
Smarter cards
With a new technology, Smarter Cards offers higher security and higher functionality of a smart card without compromising form factor or flexibility. A smartcard could include an active matrix display, a fingerprint sensor in only 0.76mm, like a standard credit card.

Medical and industrial imaging
Now can take imaging capability to the person or the inside object by replacing the glass sensors with flexible light and thin sensors panel.Another medical device is the ThermoTraq, a device for temperature track for children able to flex on the child anatomic structure.