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Sharp could beat Samsung with the new 5.5” 4K IGZO LCD display

April 17, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

The Japanese display producer, Sharp, announced for the near future a new type of display. The Sharp display could be as the officials told, the world’s highest density panel. The best density display title at the moment is held by Samsung with the display used on Galaxy S5 LTE-A, which feature a 5.1” QHD display. Samsung S5 display is beating the LG G3 display with a high difference of PPI. Samsung display PPI has 577 and LG G3 has only 538 PPI.
Sharp announced display will be a 4K display with 806 PPI which will promote to the top of the PPI display position. Sharp Ultra-HD IGZO display will have a 2160×3840 pixel resolution and will be introduced on the production line in 2016. The Sharp display will be used for the first time on the Chinese market, for Chinese smartphones.

Sharp 4K display
Also, Samsung could release this year in August a new type of display, for the Note 5 device. The new Samsung display will be a 5.9 inches display and will have a 2160×3840 pixel resolution. Compared to the Sharp display, the new Samsung screen will have only 700 PPI.
The news is not stopping here, because, Samsung announced in early 2014 another display type which could revolution the future devices, a Quad-HD display with 2160×3480 pixel which means 4K resolution and an unbelievable 860 PPI.
So, the 2015 Q4 and the beginning of 2016 seems to be a new little step for the display evolution and also for the future device functionality. Two different producers and two different display quality will be released.

Source: NDTV

PopSlate case for flexible display devices

April 1, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

PopSlate, the intelligent back case for smartphone was created by Yashar Behzadi and Greg Moon. The most interesting is that PopSlate is attached to the smartphone and display information and images from your device. The First time, when we heard about PopSlate, was in 2013, on Indiegogo website at a fundraising campaign. Then, PopSlate reaches more than $150,000.

PopSlate Screen
PopSlate is an “intelligent” back case which is using the E Ink technology like E-Readers, a very smart technology which has a very low power consumption. The idea comes from both developers thinking of their smartphone battery life. They need to push the power button frequently to see the notifications and missed calls and the battery life was short enough. Yashar and Greg think at a second screen able to display notifications and other information from their smartphone devices. This is the moment when PopSlate has been born.

Popslate – The Second Screen Experience Pitch from popSLATE on Vimeo.

You can personalize the PopSlate display with your pictures and customize the information that you want to see on the back display. All these things are possible with a Bluetooth chip, dual-mode connectivity, inserted in the case. The connection between case and smartphone is possible with a companion application which allow users to personalize their second smartphone screen.
PopSlate has its own power supply, a 240 mAh battery wich gives approximate seven days of battery life, being equipped with micro USB port, which means that the smartphone energy resource wouldn’t be affected when the case is attached. PopCase E Ink display is using as I said earlier the E Ink technology and has an amazing low-power consumption. This is the main reason why the case screen is always on. An interesting endowment is the slideshow button for the gallery pictures and the firmware upgrade process. The firmware upgrade will be possible over the air(OTA).
PopSlate is compatible with iPhone 6 at the moment and is Apple certified. The E Ink display is a 4 inch e-Paper screen, shatter-proof. The material that the case is made is offering a high protection in case of shocks offering an edge-to-edge protection.

Flexible PopSlate screen
The next step into PopSlate development will be the flexible case for flexible devices like LG G-Flex 2 or Galaxy Round. Or maybe as rumors said in the past for Samsung Galaxy S6, the new Samsung product using a flexible device(dual edge).
The good reason now is that the manufacturing process has started and the first device that will receive a PopSlate case will be iPhone 6. The Case will be available for Indiegogo backers this month, on 21 April. The final price of the case is $129.

The advantages of a flexible screen is everything you need in a movement life

March 6, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Touch screen is the interface between us and out smartphone or laptop or other touch screen device. Development of touch screen has killed the classic devices with buttons and made the life easier to us. But, after a while, the engineers thinks about a new type of touch screen, a flexible display, a bendable display, even a rollable display. This is a new era of devices when the cracked screen could become history. A classic touch screen display is made of layered thin films of iridium-tin oxide, a conductive material inorganic. This material is a very good electrically conductive and allow electrical signal to be sent from the touch zone to the edges of display.

The disadvantage of this materials is that is very easy to be cracked and the device won’t function normally. What can engineers can do for that? To make a flexible display without loosing any optical or electrical properties. And they made a new flexible hybrid film. Korean scientists A-Ra Cho and Soo-Young Park developed this new hybrid film.  The sol-gel technique is using acid wich corrode the metal from the device electronic components and the system can quite quickly. A method of acid-free is needed for optical thin-film application.

Hybrid flexible display

The hybrid flexible display



Cho and Park start with a combination of two organic materials “methyl methacrylate and 3-(trimethylsilyl) propyl methacrylate combined with trialkoxysilane”. Those chemicals are reacting with another two inorganic chemicals, tetraethyl orthosilicate, and titanium isopropoxide to synthesize hybrid layers reflective layers. This new hybrid film has been tested and compared to bare glass has a transparency of 96% and 100%. The production price is lower than a classic thin-films being produced at low temperature, without the need for high-vacuum.

The organic materials make the hybrid films to be more bendable and after more than 10,000 bending cycles the hybrid film scored less depreciation. But a little disadvantage of this new hybrid thin-film is that it needs more voltage and this could degrade the material. A new type of battery must be developed for the hybrid film to be used successfully into a flexible future application.

Samsung and Apple could have a real competitor, Xiaomi Mi5 is a high-tech device with a low price

February 18, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Xiaomi could be considered today a real competitor in the Asian countries for Apple or Samsung with a huge profit in just 4 years of existence. The Xiaomi devices are appreciated for the low price and the very good capabilities. With 100 Million phones sold in Asian countries, Xiaomi is planning to extend their market to USA and Europe. In December 2014 Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 4G in India and They run out of stock in less tan 5 seconds. This is a real success for Xiaomi.
Xiaomi Mi 5 will be the next device with great opportunities to be sold as the “hot bread” like Mi 4 wich was launched on 10 February 2015. The Mi 5 is planned to be launched in June 2015 and will be a real test in the mobile market for the future planned extending.

Xiaomi Mi5 Concep
Mi 5 will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 64 bits, the latest Qualcomm chip, with octa core(4 Cortex A 53 and 4 Cortex A 57 cores) This processor is at the moment the best alternative for a great battery life, best photo quality and also, could stream Ultra HD 4 K videos. Xiaomi will be able to run every kind of game or application with the Snapdragon 810 processor and with the Adreno 430 GPU video card.
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Contact lenses could be activated in the future with just a wink

February 17, 2015 by Laur | 4 Comments

In the future, the persons with eye problems could breath “fresh air”. A new innovation could revolution the medical department and could save humans from surgeries. This new type of contact lens is specially designed for the human eye and could pe activated and deactivated with just a wink.
This new prototype that could magnify objects 2.8 times is a fresh development of an older project from 2013. Those contact lenses could zoom in or out with just a wink of the eye with only 1.55mm thick. Contact lens has a very thin telescope inside that could improve the quality of viewing. The medical purpose of this lens is to help old persons with AMD( age-related macular degenerate), which affect the vision from the visual field because of a damaged retina.

contact lenses
With special lens, a sick eye could increase the ability of reading or faces recognize. Those lenses are not like the conventional lenses, being made by scleral lenses(large diameter rigid gas permeable lenses with range diameter from 14 mm to 20 mm). The function mechanism is the wink. The wearer can activate the right lens with a right eye wink and can deactivate is with the left eye wink. Continue Reading →

February 11, 2015
by Laur

Flexible display from the past to future

The manufacturing of a flat panel is a continuously evolving and dynamic industry in the world. Many producers are fighting for a better display, a flexible display or a transparent display in our days when the technology is advanced. The … Continue reading