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Galaxy S7 could be the bendable device of 2016

March 27, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

After Samsung released the Galaxy S6 dual edge, public has a wonderful reaction and embrace the dual edge device with interest. Samsung is the first producer of a smartphone with curve side, first of it being the Galaxy Note EDGE. Note EDGE has acquired a lot of fans for its interesting design and now is the time for Galaxy S6 edge to do that. And is doing!


The next step is the bendable device and many rumors said that the 2016 will be called for Samsung the bendable Samsung year. Galaxy S7 could feature a full bendable body and to begin a new smartphone era. As we can see in the present the technology is developed for flexible display, CPU, and flexible battery, all that we need is to be putted all into a flexible body.

As we already know, Samsung has the necessary technology and is working at a fully flexible prototype. If we take a look at the Samsung flexible patent, we can get a conclusion for the next Galaxy device. A foldable display is using the OLED(organic light emitting diodes) technology and until now, on the market has been shown a lot of flexible, bendable and rollable prototypes.

Samsung Youm technology is a mystery now, Samsung using for new devices AMOLED technology like the Galaxy S6.


LG develop transparent screen while Samsung develops flexible screens

March 24, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

The two biggest Korean smartphone producers, Samsung, and LG are developing different technologies at the moment. While LG has a better flexible device than Samsung, LG G-Flex and G-Flex 2, the attention seems to be directed to transparent screens. Transparent screen is not a new technology and it has been showed many times in prototypes and other concepts. At the moment, LG and Samsung hold 50% of the display market.
LG flexible display seems to be more developed, and G-Flex 2 has acquired more public than Samsung Galaxy Round. With all of this, Samsung continues the development of flexible display and according to a Korean report, Samsung will release next year the first foldable smartphone. Today, Samsung show us just two steps from the number of four big steps for a complete foldable device. If we take a look at the Galaxy Round we could identify the first two steps, curved display and bent the display. Next two hardest steps are foldable and rollable.

Those last two steps are the hardest part of the future Samsung device and the most interesting part. Galaxy Round use ITO(iridium tin oxide) which offers a fixed degree of bent while a foldable display is like a piece of paper, that’s meant that you could roll and roll and after that the entire display to function like in the beginning without malfunctions.

LG release its first transparent display in 2014 using OLED technology. The most interesting thing about this 18-inch display is that is rollable. That means LG has the ability to minimize the display and transform it into a smartphone display. LG Transparent and rollable display have an HD resolution 1200 x 810 and almost one million mega-pixels. This kind of display can be rolled to a radius of 3 cm without ulterior malfunctions.
The most expected device at the moment is the rollable smartphone and seems that LG has the display technology while Samsung press release announces a bendable device next year.