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Funny Apple concept with flexible display

March 25, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Once with Samsung and LG flexible displays appear on the market, in concepts and prototypes, a new concept rises on the web. Apple iPhone bendable device seems to be rendered in a strange form which imitate one Samsung concept from the past. The iPhone concept that I will show you is composed of three parts. The first part is the motherboard, which contain the CPU, RAM and sensors. The second part is divided into two parts which compose the flexible display. iPhone concept flexible display could be bent at the middle of the entire display and transformed into a piece similar to a wallet.
What is a flexible display and in which stadium is the actual technology?
A flexible display is that kind of display which allow the user to bend it and roll it without damaging any inside component of the display. Until now, Samsung and LG show us some prototypes of the future displays. Samsung shows us the Samsung Youm a flexible display with these properties and LG showed the LG Chem.
LG Chem has an increased bending radios to 30 mm a huge angle of bending that eliminates the risk of the display shattering when high force is applied. For this technology, LG relinquishes the conventional glass display and adopt a new technology of plastic display. Advantages of the new plastic based OLED panel are that are more efficiency, more brightness, and low power consumption. LG plastic OLED is 60lm/W efficiency, CRI over 85, has a 3000K color temperature and 75lm brightness.
LG also announced the mass production of this panel for July 2015.
Samsung Youm is also a flexible display showed up in January 2013. Samsung flexible display prototype is able also to be curved and bent without damaging the initial form and components of the display. Youm has been also used in an early form of the first Samsung device released in October 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Round.
Galaxy Round has a curved display 5.7 inches Full HD and a 400 mm curvature radius. A Youm panel is produced with encapsulation technology.

Apple flexible display concept
About the Apple flexible display, we know that they already have a patent for this type of display and will use the first time a flexible display to replace the physical buttons on sides with virtual buttons. Virtual buttons with the main display will form the entire display of the device.
But, with this new concept, Apple must develop a good method to flex the two equal part of the display without any damages of the display function.

LG develop transparent screen while Samsung develops flexible screens

March 24, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

The two biggest Korean smartphone producers, Samsung, and LG are developing different technologies at the moment. While LG has a better flexible device than Samsung, LG G-Flex and G-Flex 2, the attention seems to be directed to transparent screens. Transparent screen is not a new technology and it has been showed many times in prototypes and other concepts. At the moment, LG and Samsung hold 50% of the display market.
LG flexible display seems to be more developed, and G-Flex 2 has acquired more public than Samsung Galaxy Round. With all of this, Samsung continues the development of flexible display and according to a Korean report, Samsung will release next year the first foldable smartphone. Today, Samsung show us just two steps from the number of four big steps for a complete foldable device. If we take a look at the Galaxy Round we could identify the first two steps, curved display and bent the display. Next two hardest steps are foldable and rollable.

Those last two steps are the hardest part of the future Samsung device and the most interesting part. Galaxy Round use ITO(iridium tin oxide) which offers a fixed degree of bent while a foldable display is like a piece of paper, that’s meant that you could roll and roll and after that the entire display to function like in the beginning without malfunctions.

LG release its first transparent display in 2014 using OLED technology. The most interesting thing about this 18-inch display is that is rollable. That means LG has the ability to minimize the display and transform it into a smartphone display. LG Transparent and rollable display have an HD resolution 1200 x 810 and almost one million mega-pixels. This kind of display can be rolled to a radius of 3 cm without ulterior malfunctions.
The most expected device at the moment is the rollable smartphone and seems that LG has the display technology while Samsung press release announces a bendable device next year.

Rumors-LG G4 could feature a curve display and the highest resolution that a smartphone ever had

March 10, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

The Korean smartphone manufacturer LG has grown in the last past years a lot. He released some high-tech devices like the LG G2 and G3, LG G Flex and G Flex 2 and is still developing the smartphone design.
After just a short period from the LG G Flex 2, the smartphone with a curved display, has been released, a new devices could appear. The LG G 4 could be the next LG device released.


Image Source: OnLeaks

LG G4 could be announced after rumors said this year in Q4, and more than sure will be much better than its predecessor, LG G3. The new G4 could feature an edge to edge display bezel free and a curved display. The resolution is 1440 x 2560 pixel and 2K quality. Also, LG just releases a new 5.3 inch Full HD LCD panel with just 0.7 mm bezel. This new technology seals the edges and is called Neo Edge. According to “mylgphones”, the new G4 is called LG-VS999 and will have a 1620 x 2880 pixel resolution display. If G4 will wear a 5.5 inch screen, will become the first smartphone device in the world with a high-resolution about 600 ppi.
As we expecting, the LG G4 will be powered by a 64 bits processor, probably an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and about 2 GB or RAM which can be a little lower for a high-tech device. Maybe will be 3 GB of RAM.
G4 will probably have a new camera, we expect to see a 4K video resolution at 60 fps. It can be a 16 megapixel rear camera and laser auto focus and optical image stabilization. For selfies lovers, LG G4 could have a 5 megapixel camera as the new released devices have.


Two Samsung devices with flexible display this year and just one from LG?

February 21, 2015 by Laur | 5 Comments

With the last important technology congress from Las Vegas, CES, the mobile phone news, prototypes and products excited people around the world with different devices evolved and sophisticated. Has been released the LG G Flex 2, the fastest smartphone on the actual market, with a big curve display and the ability of the back cover to be auto-repaired. From CES to our days appeared a lot of concepts and rumors about the smartphone future like the Galaxy S6 device with a metal body and a curve display or the Galaxy S6 EDGE or Dual EDGE and even the LG G 4 smartphone, even it’s a small step for LG to launch another device after the LG G Flex 2 and a not so good idea to release a high-tech device in less than two months.

At the moment, it can observe a high development of flexible display technology on the mobile market and the important display producers continuously develop most flexible devices and displays. The 2015 starts with the LG G Flex 2 a smartphone with the ability to be bent and to come back in its original form without any damages at the internal components or display. G Flex 2 has a High-resolution P-OLED flexible display that’s 1080p powered by a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon processor  with 3 GB of RAM, together packed with the latest Android OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop makes LG the fastest smartphone on the 2015 market. At the moment, the G Flex 2 smartphone with flexible display is available in South Korea without contract at a price of $737.

LG G Flex 2

Another expectation for MWC 2015 is the Samsung device who makes furors on the internet with many 3D concepts and articles, Samsung Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 rumors are that will feature a flexible display more exactly will be like the Galaxy Note EDGE, with an EDGE side or both EDGE sides which could be difficult to protect from scratches. The EDGE Samsung display is designed to read notifications and information like weather or other small device updates. Galaxy S6 seems to ditch the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for its Exynos 7420 chipset, a chipset which is designed for computation performance but with a low graphic performance compared to Qualcomm chipsets. Galaxy S6 will have a metal casing covered with glass at the back and front. The Flexible display will be an AMOLED or SUPER-AMOLED flexible plastic substrate.

Galaxy S6 Edge

New details comes for the Samsung flexible display smartphone, the Galaxy Round the first device with flexible Youm display which will be developed for this year with a new design and a new “face” in the Galaxy Round 2. Probably Samsung will release this product as a quick response to LG flexible display device, LG G Flex 2. Galaxy Round 2 seems to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, and 3 GB of RAM, like its real competitor LG. Also, will feature a huge flexible display, with a Full HD resolution, a 5.7-inch display. Galaxy Round 2 will include a 13 MP main camera and a 2 MP secondary with a 32 GB internal storage.  All features are just rumors because Samsung hasn’t announced anything about that but could be the first flexible display smartphone running Tizen OS.

Galaxy Round 2

LG Watch Urbane top luxury Android Wear

February 16, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

LG Electronics, the giant Korean producer plan to release this year at Mobile World Congress a full metal luxury Android Wear product. We are talking about the luxury LD Watch Urbane. This device is most for an excentric and sophisticated wearer, offering a high-tech and style for the owners.
LG Urbane Watch keeps the LG G Watch design line, with a thinner profile, combining the actual advanced features with the classic line of a conventional watch. The LG G Watch has been released in October 2014 and now at almost six months his “luxury brother” will be released.

LG Watch Urbane
With 1.3 inches circle P-OLED like the LG G Watch, the Urbane comes with a narrower bezel for more classic design and the possibility to be wear by men and women too. The Urbane strap is a high-quality leather of 22 mm and will be available in two variants, one is gold finish and the other one is polished silver, all combined in a stainless steel body.
The LG Watch Urbane will be compatible with the Android devices from 4.3 above. As a high-tech device, Urbane has integrated a photoplethysmography sensor for heart rate and pulse measurements and for a better battery life is using the dimmed mode to show the time all the time.
LG Urbane Watch will be powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipsets, and 512 MB LPDDR2 RAM memory. The 1.3 inches P-OLED display will have a 320 x 320 resolution with 245 ppi. The operating system will be Android Wear, and the storage will be 4 GB eMMC, all of these could be functional with a huge 410nAh battery. Also, the Urbane Watch will be Water and dust resistant offering a high usability for active users.


February 11, 2015
by Laur

Flexible display from the past to future

The manufacturing of a flat panel is a continuously evolving and dynamic industry in the world. Many producers are fighting for a better display, a flexible display or a transparent display in our days when the technology is advanced. The … Continue reading

Largest transparent OLED display has a prototype

February 7, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Planar has been founded in 1983, by John Laney, Jim Hurd and Chris King. Their first important project was ordered by the US Army, called the “Digital Messaging Device” and this is the moment which enabled Planar to innovate the display market. Over the years, Planar has led more than sixty important innovations for the display market in a variety of markets like transportation, space, medical, government, home theater and many others.
A new Planar innovation is the transparent OLED technology. Recently, Planar unveiled a new 55″ transparent OLED display being the largest transparent OLED display developed.

Video: Planar 55″ video

Transparent display could offer a fresh air to the customer engagement, space design, corporate lobbies. This prototype utilizes OLED technologies to improve the ability of see-trough displays creating a brilliant picture quality, wide viewing angles and a high contrast. Planar 55″ prototype, continues the Planar development of the Planar LookThru Series, which featured an interactive transparent LCD display that was designed to allow customers to see behind the display.

planar transparent oled
This prototype will be demonstrated this month on 10-12 in Amsterdam at ISE 2015 and on 10-11 March at DSE 2015 in Las Vegas.
On the transparent display market, Planar is not alone, the are two bigger competitors, Samsung and LG, which already have transparent OLED prototypes. Samsung has a 30″ transparent OLED panel unveiled a few months ago and a 14″ showed in 2010 on a laptop prototype. LG announced in 2014, the 18″ rollable transparent OLED, the largest flexible and transparent OLED ever unveiled.

Source: Planar