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July 13, 2015
by Laur

Galaxy S7 will feature a flexible display and a flexible body

Samsung and the flexible display technology Samsung, as a global leader in smartphone technology, is growing fast on the technology market and acquire new adepts day by day. The most amazing device has been shown this year and could be … Continue reading

From Neptune Pine to Neptune Duo, now with a large curved display

February 19, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Neptune Pine

Neptune Duo and Neptune Pine, two different devices with one purpose to make our life easier. Both Neptune smartwatches, or bracelets are designed perfectly for the anatomical hand form and promises a good hardware configuration.
Neptune Pine is the wearable device released last year with an unusual large display, a 2.4 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with 320 x 240 resolution. For the screen is used Gorilla Glass. Pine is powered by a powerful processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.2Ghz two variant of storage, 16 GB and 32 GB and 512 Mb of RAM. Like a good detail, Pine has a Micro-SIM slot card and the possibility to expand the internal storage. Is equipped with a microphone for calls and a speaker and support WI-FI. Pine has also two cameras, the front-facing is a 0.3 MP and the main is 5 MP each with dedicated flash.

Neptune Duo Neptune Duo Neptune Duo
The necessary power is provided by an 810 mAh battery.
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Contact lenses could be activated in the future with just a wink

February 17, 2015 by Laur | 4 Comments

In the future, the persons with eye problems could breath “fresh air”. A new innovation could revolution the medical department and could save humans from surgeries. This new type of contact lens is specially designed for the human eye and could pe activated and deactivated with just a wink.
This new prototype that could magnify objects 2.8 times is a fresh development of an older project from 2013. Those contact lenses could zoom in or out with just a wink of the eye with only 1.55mm thick. Contact lens has a very thin telescope inside that could improve the quality of viewing. The medical purpose of this lens is to help old persons with AMD( age-related macular degenerate), which affect the vision from the visual field because of a damaged retina.

contact lenses
With special lens, a sick eye could increase the ability of reading or faces recognize. Those lenses are not like the conventional lenses, being made by scleral lenses(large diameter rigid gas permeable lenses with range diameter from 14 mm to 20 mm). The function mechanism is the wink. The wearer can activate the right lens with a right eye wink and can deactivate is with the left eye wink. Continue Reading →

The best ever flexible display smartphone concept

February 15, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Do you agree with flexible display devices? A flexible display device si that device that can be flexed or rolled and after that can function as nothing happens. This is the future phone device that the market want. An unbreakable display, a high-end device and top configuration. This will be our bendable device in maximum 5 years, a device that can be kept in our pockets or in our hands like a bracelet. If you remember, a nice concept for the moment, the Philips Fluid Phone, is a future design but I’m sure, everybody’s wishing one.

Full bendable smartphone
The concept that I will present today comes from Egypt and is made by Omar Atef. He imagined the future smartphone that it’s able to totally flex and bend. The amazing concept combines the Material designed with the UI. A new thing in Omar’s concept is that the phone hasn’t physical buttons, all of them are virtual.The green UI from the designer photo gives a fresh air to the phone, actually, I can say is for young people. This shrinkable phone concept is featuring a huge camera with dual LED system, and it can be bended until the dimensions of a classic Credit Card.

Full bendable smartphone
On the top of the flexible display, we could find the stereo speakers, designed for a high-quality sound, as on the back they are, above the main camera. The phone pictures show us that is a thin device with less than 5 mm thinness.
Also, after how it look, this device could be an Android phone.
If this concept will become reality in one day, it will be more than sure a real success.

Source: Behance