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PopSlate case for flexible display devices

April 1, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

PopSlate, the intelligent back case for smartphone was created by Yashar Behzadi and Greg Moon. The most interesting is that PopSlate is attached to the smartphone and display information and images from your device. The First time, when we heard about PopSlate, was in 2013, on Indiegogo website at a fundraising campaign. Then, PopSlate reaches more than $150,000.

PopSlate Screen
PopSlate is an “intelligent” back case which is using the E Ink technology like E-Readers, a very smart technology which has a very low power consumption. The idea comes from both developers thinking of their smartphone battery life. They need to push the power button frequently to see the notifications and missed calls and the battery life was short enough. Yashar and Greg think at a second screen able to display notifications and other information from their smartphone devices. This is the moment when PopSlate has been born.

Popslate – The Second Screen Experience Pitch from popSLATE on Vimeo.

You can personalize the PopSlate display with your pictures and customize the information that you want to see on the back display. All these things are possible with a Bluetooth chip, dual-mode connectivity, inserted in the case. The connection between case and smartphone is possible with a companion application which allow users to personalize their second smartphone screen.
PopSlate has its own power supply, a 240 mAh battery wich gives approximate seven days of battery life, being equipped with micro USB port, which means that the smartphone energy resource wouldn’t be affected when the case is attached. PopCase E Ink display is using as I said earlier the E Ink technology and has an amazing low-power consumption. This is the main reason why the case screen is always on. An interesting endowment is the slideshow button for the gallery pictures and the firmware upgrade process. The firmware upgrade will be possible over the air(OTA).
PopSlate is compatible with iPhone 6 at the moment and is Apple certified. The E Ink display is a 4 inch e-Paper screen, shatter-proof. The material that the case is made is offering a high protection in case of shocks offering an edge-to-edge protection.

Flexible PopSlate screen
The next step into PopSlate development will be the flexible case for flexible devices like LG G-Flex 2 or Galaxy Round. Or maybe as rumors said in the past for Samsung Galaxy S6, the new Samsung product using a flexible device(dual edge).
The good reason now is that the manufacturing process has started and the first device that will receive a PopSlate case will be iPhone 6. The Case will be available for Indiegogo backers this month, on 21 April. The final price of the case is $129.

Rumors-Pebble 2 could be released next week

February 20, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Pebble 2 could be released next week

After just take a look at the official Pebble website, a strange countdown appears on the screen. They say that is like a surprise and if you are curious you can enter your email address to be the first to know what is about. After two years from first Pebble, is supposed to release the Pebble 2 next week. After Pebble just received an update on 16 February, the 2.9 firmware update, Pebble could be seen as an Android Wear, having the ability to show notification like Android Wear. The Pebble’s new update corrected some software bugs  like the WhatsApp application and auto-update watch face.

pebble steel

The Pebble 2 could be announced next week, somewhere about 24th February  with some good improvements like an E Ink bigger display and some new colours for the new device.  Continue Reading →

iPhone popCase can transform your iPhone into an eReader

February 9, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

popSlate for iPhone is a special case that protect your device and keeps you up to date with you favourite setted up photos. PopSlate is a 4 inch case, using the E Ink technology for its screen. The E Ink display is always on and can last one week with just a single charge. It has a micro USB slot charging for that.

popSlate can save your battery life, with the notification feature and also can be served as an eReader. popSlate can offer much other information from your Apple device like to-do list, meetings and calendar. The popCase case has been presented first time on Indiegogo site, two years and earned 219.147$ fundings. In present, E Ink case, has not been delivered to the customers, making a lot of buyers complaints about their orders.
PopSlate case is compatible only with Apple devices( iPhone 5, iPhone5S and iPhone6) and has been expected for June 2013.
PopCase price is 129$.

Source: Indiegogo

First Carta E Ink Display fits the Kobo Aura H2O waterproof eReader

February 5, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Kobo Aura H2o is the first eReader with the waterproof feature from the market, with the IP67 Certified could be waterproof up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. Now you can have the preferred book with you at the bath, at the beach and even at the coffee lounge without worries. If it dropped into the water accidentally just use the included dry cloth to dry the screen and it will work like new. Aura H2o has a good battery life which can last up to two months being well optimized with the E Ink display. With a big 6.8″ touchscreen display at 265 dpi, is the first device with Carta E Ink technology with that dimension offering the best experience to print on paper text and a high image resolution.

Kubo Aura H2OAura H2a has a powerful 1Ghz processor that makes the page changing quickly and 4Gb internal storage with the expandable possibility up to 32 Gb using a microSD memory card. With this huge storage possibility, users can store now thousands of preferred eBooks. Carta E Ink display offers with the ClarityScreen+ technology a bigger user experience than a conventional eReader with clear text even into the sunlight, and with the ComfortLight fully adjustable can direct the light to your eBook avoiding the eyestrain. Also, Kobo offers access to Kobo’s eBookstore with the built-in WI-FI module, where you can find more than 4 million eBooks. With TypeGenius dedicated application, you can select a preferred font and the perfect words size and can adjust the margins. Another cool feature offered by the TypeGenius is the reading speed tracking, and the option to create bookshelves and share them with your preferred group on Facebook. Kobo Aura H2O offers the possibility to keep you eReader as new with the Kobo SleepCover which protect from falls and scratches and saves your battery life with the integrated sensor that turn your device on and off when you open and close the cover.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to be launched with E Ink and 20 MP back cover accessories?

January 29, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

The cases and the flip cases became popular in the past and were used by the most phone users to protect their devices from scratch, water or dust, nut in the near past, phone cases has more than a protection purposes, they transform into a fashion phone life style.
From the simplicity of plastic or textile protectors, the case market evolve to a new style, which can display only a part of the display like the flip case for Samsung Galaxy S4 for example or iPhone case.

Galaxy S4 flip cover


Now, in a fashion back covers market, Samsung has decided to enter into a new case concept according to GSM Arena. Samsung seems to have a different concept case for the Galaxy S6 smartphone, with a performant camera or an E Ink display.

E Ink Back Case
How does it work?
For the concept case with optical image stabilization, is necessary to connect the case to the smartphone and you will have an optional 20 MP back cover camera.
The E Ink back cover can be similar to the Yota Phone secondary display, and will offer users the possibility to read a book, or e-mails, of office documents with a huge advantage of low power consumption. As a plus for the E Ink Samsung back cover, according to this report, Samsung will develop an application to track your steps and more fitness activity, like the S-Health does but with more features like pulse measure, or oxygen level in the blood.
Also, Samsung has in plan to release a Galaxy S6 case for the sports enthusiasts with some kind of support that can be attached to a bicycle. This one, connected with the smartphone can show information about the distance, the heart rate bit and calories consumption.

Vikaura Screen can last years without a new battery

January 22, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Vikaura is the future device with never needs recharge or plug in the device, being a device which can run years without charging its battery. With no cords feature, you have the possibility to put it where you need it or you want it.
With the Bluetooth feature, you can simply connect your smartphone to it and can send pictures or text or update your daily program. Vikaura features like App Linking, Open API, Direct Link or Feeds Feature, make you life easier, offering the possibility to send direct links, images, choose content or to create your own app to display on it.

Vikura E Ink Screen
Vikaura battery life is longer because of the unique power management and the E Ink display which is known for its low power consumption and can last many years on its own battery. Also, this innovative display has a good resolution, 220 ppi. Vikaura can be used connectedly with an Android device or an IOS device.

Vikura E Ink Screen


For the moment, Vikaura Screen has a proven design, the prototype has been built, and tested, and the device its 100% functionally.
With all those information and tests, the prototype, can enter in the manufacturing stage.

E Ink display evolving to glorious E Ink PRISM

January 19, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

E Ink is popular in the world with the most known EReaders and made the reading of a fiscal book an adventure with those ones. E Ink or electrophoretic ink is a specific attribute type for the electronic paper, made by The E Ink Corporation founded in 1997. E Ink first release has been commercialised in greyscale or in some cases color, and the first phone, who used an E Ink display, was Motorola F3.The advantage of E Ink using is ultra-low power consumption. After years of research and many utilises, E Ink release the colour E Ink.

E Ink Prism
This year, E Ink Corporation released a new dynamic product, which can be incorporated in many other devices because of the ability to be flexible and colour. Prism can be mounted now on the gigantic walls advertise or can be modeled as small and interesting devices, like watches, smartphones, and other cool gadgets. The new E Ink Prism utilizes a new technology, that can transform architectural materials into dynamic, named E Ink bistable technology. The main benefits of Prism are: fully programmable colours and patterns, rugged and flexible and very important, low power consumption.
With those abilities, Prism provides a large horizon for whats mean large scale advertise, enhancing the human sensory experience.
The low power consumption is given by the bistable display which can retain an image of the E Ink surface even if the power source was completely removed.

As the company site said, “It doesn’t stop at color. Programmable patterns and shapes can be integrated to create designs or function. Doors can indicate if a conference room is occupied, wall designs can respond to noise, temperature, or motion in the room. Whatever the idea, the opportunities are endless and only limited by a designer’s imagination.”


Source: E Ink