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Officials announce Apple Watch to be launched in April 2015

January 30, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Apple Watch the most expected wearable device from Apple has been confirmed by CEO Tim Cook, to be ship in April 2015. The Apple Watch will feature a flexible Retina display with sapphire cover. There are not any rumors about the resolution or about the size of the Retina display. Anyway, the Apple Watch will feature three variant for the iWatch and probably will be one stainless steel, one aluminium case and for gold lovers, an 18-karat gold case. Also, the iWatch will have the possibility to change straps, and will include four sensors. About the Digital Crown, which is designed as a navigation button, seems to be a unique concept and helpful.

Apple Watch

Image source: OledInfo

As we can see in the internet photos, the Apple watch has a fashionable case with nice curves and a many straps possibilities. The software might be the IOS 9 with many improvements to run perfectly on a smaller CPU and less RAM memory than an iPhone device. Rumors said that the Apple Watch will be pair limited, that thing could be possible only with an Apple device and not with an Android device. This thing can limit the Apple selling range because there are many Android users who will probably wish a different smartwatch.

Apple concept like a Google ARA project

January 27, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

Like the Transformers movie, the future Apple iMac comes as a puzzle and can be used as an iMac, or MacBook and even an iPad. The innovative concept of Cristian Tomas Moyano proposes a different concept of Apple for the future with Awsome design and function. This concept keeps the electronic market trend, that making smaller devices with better capabilities every year. The Apple concept called lightMac, offer an amazing mobility and experience of tablets and the power of a desktop computer for the future.

iMac concept
This concept is similar to Google Ara Project but with bigger powerful components, creating a new range of options for users experience.
The central module and the external module combined offers the possibility to use it as an iMac. With a core i9 processor and 16 GB of RAM Memory, the central module is like a tablet beast. Also, the central module has a 4 TB Hard Disk memory, an advanced Bluetooth module 6.0, Wi-FI connection and about 24 hours of battery life and no screen! Combined with the External module, we can have a screen projector and a new compatible with i9 processor, an AX processor with 4 GB of RAM Memory and 256 GB SSD Hard Drive. Also, the external module has a WI-FI connection, Bluetooth 6.0, and about 12 hours of battery life.

iMac concept
The iMac display concept can be re-sized by joining or separating the external module, and can have a wireless keyboard connected od just use the projected keyboard. By combining the modules, you can have a powerful desktop computer with more battery life and more storage capacity and by applying the Thunderbolt display could have a complete desktop computer experience.
The lightMac comes with high-quality liquid-metal accessories which can be acquired separately.




iMac concept



Source: Tuvie



Apple Glasses could beat Google Glasses

January 23, 2015 by Laur | 1 Comment

After a lot of gadgets has been presented at CES 2015, Sony presents their Smart Glasses, we are thinking about Apple to release some kind of iGlasses to keep the wearables trend. Smart Glasses are a new way fo see the future, with a high technology built-in, they are able to bring a lot of information at our lenses.

Olso, Apple could enter in this segment with the iGlasses. iGlass has an innovative design, actually like a conventional pair of glasses, but with very nice shapes and a younger design, concept to can wear an entire day without a headache. iGlasses cold be released in two different colours, grey and space grey but also, could follow the iPhone pattern colours.

iglasses iglasses
iGlasses are designed with a fashionable sensor on the right side, with a little-led light for ambience. Also, on the curved lenses are a lot of sensors, which can adapt the light for low distance reading or for sun protection, making them Helio mate in full sunlight. iGlasses are also equipped with a microphone and a small speaker near the ear, and paired with the iPhone device, to can receive a call or to follow the route offered by Siri. The lenses are specially curved and can show information from you iPhone like GPS route or a text message that you received.

Source: Apple Glasses

New futuristic iPhone concept smash the market

January 20, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Another futuristic iPhone concept has been created by Hass. T. The concept maker is working in the present for another iPhone concept, a stylish iPhone 6C. The first concept has a Curve Retina with HD display and a higher density, around 450 PPI and two separate parts for top and bottom of the smartphone. Top part has the back camera and the front camera and the speakers while the bottom part has the battery, fingerprint sensor, and main speaker. In the middle part, will be the RAM memory, screen technology, and also the CPU.

iPhone concept iPhone concept
The designer said that those three parts will be connected together just with a single wire, making in this way a slimmer device. Another futuristic feature for this iPhone will be the “Scan ID”, a feature that will make the phone more secure, with the possibility to unlock your device with just an eye scan.

iPhone concept
Primary camera, from the rear, is actually a new camera concept too, with three lenses which will be settled up to focalize one for colour, one for background and one for the desired object. As is designed with a curve display, and not a bendable device, in the middle, this device will have a steel beam to prevent the device from bending.

Source: Hass. T

Apple flexible future

January 8, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

After one year from the first discussion about flexible devices, Apple granted the patent for flexible electronic devices this year.
What can are we waiting for?

Concept Apple
Well, as we expected, the new smartphone trend for the next years seems to be the flexible way and I guess that Apple will adopt this trend with the new iPhone release maybe iPhone 7. After a great success with the iPhone 6, this year Apple will release iPhone 6C, the lower cost of iPhone 6, which will be probably a new success like iPhone 5C which recorded sales over 24 million models.
Till Apple will release a fully flexible device we can take a look at the concept in those images.


Source: Patently Apple

Flexible devices and Graphene techonolgy

January 4, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Samsung and Apple’s patent war on graphene technology allows uncommon “graphene” term into the public view.
What is graphene? Graphene is a new material composed of carbon, the rate is 100 times the conductivity of silicon, the hardness of diamond is twice.
As the world’s known thinnest, hardest, best conductivity, flexibility, strong nanomaterials, graphene become manufacturing a display screen, an ideal material for the wearable device.

Graphene new bendable electronics


Flexible display


Graphene very broad application, for example, can produce thin as paper folding phone into the bag, ladies no longer have to worry about the phone and installed within a large bag of. Electric car battery is not to force? Graphene-based technology, developed 15 minutes then charged up to 500 km and the endurance of the battery, and the volume is also more compact.
In addition, Samsung and Apple to join this battle OTC, Nokia, Google, IBM, Foxconn and other giants have joined the fray, as the future of graphene product flexible, intelligent core R & D materials.
From the industry’s overall development situation, graphene is still in the stage of research-based, multiple products in the laboratory stage, with the gradual industrialization of future products, the market will gradually open.
According to incomplete statistics, the next five to ten years, graphene market will reach 10 billion related industries amounted billion.

iPhone case Concept

December 28, 2014 by Laur | 0 comments

A new iPhone case concept seems to come into the iPhone lover’s life. The new case is full Stainless Steel design. The new concept protects vulnerable phone areas and absorb impacts.

Source: yankodesign

Source: yankodesign

With a futuristic design, new exoskeleton case, could make your iPhone unique.

Source: yankodesign

Lets wait for this case to shine on our iPhone!