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Apple Watch will be released today 9 March in an Apple special event

March 9, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Even if Apple has missed the MWC from Barcelona, today, 9  March 2015 Apple announce a special event  at 10,00 AM. This event will be probably concentrated on the first Apple smartwatch, the iWatch. A major part of this event will be dedicated for the device customization.  Apple Watch has a curved Retina display with high pixel density. This Retina display is an ultra energy efficient which makes the device to be a battery friendly gadget. On the most Apple Watch devices, the display is polished with crystal of sapphire being the hardest transparent material. For the Sports collection, the display protection is Ion-X glass.

Apple Watch

About the today event, the focus will be on the functionality. Apple decided to charge the first product which will be worn with functions making it an advanced gadget compared to Android Wear devices which are designed to be a personal  assistant. More than sure is possible to see more applications on the iWatch similar to iPhone applications.

Apple investments are huge in the devices which can be wear in the present and in the future and will be disposable more than 100.00 applications at the release date.

At the special event, rumors said that is possible to be released also a 12 inches MacBook device with a Retina display and also an iPad Pro with a 12 inch display. The iPad Pro has been discussed for the first time in January 2015 as a future Apple device to be released.

Apple could release today an IOS update, the IOS 8.2. This new IOS variant has been tested with five Beta variants until now. For the music lovers, Apple could integrate a new live streaming application, Beats Music.


The new Apple Watch could keep your Tesla Car at your fingers

February 8, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

After Apple unveiled their first smartwatch called Apple Watch, many concepts have been releases too on the electronic news. Apple watch has been officially announced as a flexible Retina display with sapphire cover. Most probably, the display technology will be plastic-based OLED. Apple Watch will be a high precision smartwatch using multiple technologies to can synchronize with your iPhone even when you’re traveling in another hour area.
For notification, Apple Watch will gentle tap you when a call or a notification is received. Apple Pay is an Apple application, that allow you to secure pay using your Apple Watch. Now, paying is more simple with just Apple Watch setup.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch will be disposable in three different models, Stainless steel Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. The first model will be a stainless steel or a space black stainless stell case, with a Sapphire crystal.The Watch Sport will be an Anodized aluminum case, space gray or silver with an Ion-X glass. The most luxury from them is the Watch Edition, an 18 Karat gold case rose or yellow with sapphire crystal display. Apple Watch is a nice fitness companion and health assistant with the built in sensors and defined applications. With the Activity application, device can measure a full day activity like steps you take, the frequency and quality of your steps, heart beat rate, and could suggest you to move more or sit.
With the Workout application, Apple Watch trains you in the cardio session too. Watch is able to learn your training program and to stimulate you on the lazy days, so you can live a healthier life.

Tesla App
As a concept application for the Apple Watch future users and Tesla Car users I’ve found the Tesla App. This could help you to lock/unlock your car, to set the inside temperature car or to see the charging process.

Source: Behance

Officials announce Apple Watch to be launched in April 2015

January 30, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

Apple Watch the most expected wearable device from Apple has been confirmed by CEO Tim Cook, to be ship in April 2015. The Apple Watch will feature a flexible Retina display with sapphire cover. There are not any rumors about the resolution or about the size of the Retina display. Anyway, the Apple Watch will feature three variant for the iWatch and probably will be one stainless steel, one aluminium case and for gold lovers, an 18-karat gold case. Also, the iWatch will have the possibility to change straps, and will include four sensors. About the Digital Crown, which is designed as a navigation button, seems to be a unique concept and helpful.

Apple Watch

Image source: OledInfo

As we can see in the internet photos, the Apple watch has a fashionable case with nice curves and a many straps possibilities. The software might be the IOS 9 with many improvements to run perfectly on a smaller CPU and less RAM memory than an iPhone device. Rumors said that the Apple Watch will be pair limited, that thing could be possible only with an Apple device and not with an Android device. This thing can limit the Apple selling range because there are many Android users who will probably wish a different smartwatch.