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LG Watch Urbane top luxury Android Wear

February 16, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

LG Electronics, the giant Korean producer plan to release this year at Mobile World Congress a full metal luxury Android Wear product. We are talking about the luxury LD Watch Urbane. This device is most for an excentric and sophisticated wearer, offering a high-tech and style for the owners.
LG Urbane Watch keeps the LG G Watch design line, with a thinner profile, combining the actual advanced features with the classic line of a conventional watch. The LG G Watch has been released in October 2014 and now at almost six months his “luxury brother” will be released.

LG Watch Urbane
With 1.3 inches circle P-OLED like the LG G Watch, the Urbane comes with a narrower bezel for more classic design and the possibility to be wear by men and women too. The Urbane strap is a high-quality leather of 22 mm and will be available in two variants, one is gold finish and the other one is polished silver, all combined in a stainless steel body.
The LG Watch Urbane will be compatible with the Android devices from 4.3 above. As a high-tech device, Urbane has integrated a photoplethysmography sensor for heart rate and pulse measurements and for a better battery life is using the dimmed mode to show the time all the time.
LG Urbane Watch will be powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipsets, and 512 MB LPDDR2 RAM memory. The 1.3 inches P-OLED display will have a 320 x 320 resolution with 245 ppi. The operating system will be Android Wear, and the storage will be 4 GB eMMC, all of these could be functional with a huge 410nAh battery. Also, the Urbane Watch will be Water and dust resistant offering a high usability for active users.


HTC Petra a new rival for Apple and Samsung-wearables device

February 11, 2015 by Laur | 0 comments

American president of HTC, Jason Mackenzie, confirmed rumors about an HTC wearable first device. First HTC wearable device is named Petra and is expected for the Q1 of 2015. After rumors, there aren’t enough information about the Petra name, is this will be the product name or is just a codename.

HTC Logo
HTC Petra will run probably the HTC operation system, RTOS and could be paired with devices with Android from 4.4 KitKat and up and also with Apple devices with IOS 7 or higher. Petra will feature a PMOLED flexible display of 1.8 inch and 160 x 32 resolution. With an IP57 water and dust resistant, HTC Petra could be used in any conditions. Petra will feature as well an ST Micro STM32L151 chipset with GPS and Bluetooth support.
There will be a high power battery with three days life and three sizes available for HTC Petra: Large, medium and small size.
HTC Petra will have standard applications installed like Stopwatch, Timer, Step Analysis, Sports Analysis, Weather applications, Alarm, Music Control.
HTC Petra is rumored to be responsible for black and gray and teal and lime colors, and to be launching for the first time in U.S. with a footpad for steps analyzes.

HTC starts fighting with Samsung, Apple and Sony with a new gadget

January 21, 2015 by Laur | 3 Comments

HTC plans to release a new gadget this year, HTC Smartwatch. As we can observe, 2015 could be called “the smartwatch year” after a lot of announces about smartwatch releases, like Samsung, Apple and Sony. This year is the time for HTC to release first kind of gadget and the most probably will be launched on the first of March in Barcelona, where is supposed to be launched HTC M9 too.

HTC Smartwatch

Source: Hasan Kaymak concept

As Bloomberg said, HTC smartwatch is designed with a sportswear producer from USA, Under Armour. Under Armour and HTC has announced their partnership this year, at CES in Las Vegas and for HTC smartwatch they are planning to transform it into a “best friend” for people they are doing sport.
It is possible for HTC wear to have a metal case for the watch and plastic strap, but there are not exactly news about official watch will be. Also, HTC could feature a curve display with waterproof scratchproof and dustproof capabilities.
About the price, there are no rumors, but it might be similar to Moto 360 smartwatch or LG G Watch, about £180.