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Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept With Flexible Body


Samsung still wants to release on the market the first smartphone with flexible body, the first mass production bendable smartphone in the world. However, until this event they delight us with concepts and prototypes. The 2014 version of Galaxy S line retail version could be a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept presented in this article.

The Galaxy S is now in its fifth version, a version in the concept phase that has a super thin and metallic flexible body. Based on the Galaxy S4 version that will be available on the market in 2014, the guys from MobiLeaks predict the specification of the five Galaxy S generation.

In front the screen has no borders which make that the surface of the screen to be available at maximum dimensions. A large screen added new experiences to the users and the possibility to use the device with a wide range of activities.

The screen is the main piece for me, and yes, is a display that can be folded on vertical axes to enter into a multimedia stage (playing music) and allow the users to make the smartphone smaller.

The Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is also presented and running on Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

On the back of Galaxy S5 can be located at the top a sensor camera and flash. The camera has a sensor with 16MP and optical image stabilization functionality with optical zoom.

In addition, the source of the sound is located on the back, on the other side of the display strip with multimedia buttons.

For the body are used metallic materials, which make a big pass from plastic to metal.

Samsung Galaxy S5 even is a concept it could have a big impact in the coming versions of the Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

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