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Nokia Note Concept With 5.5 inches Display and 1080p Resolution

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From concept to final product is just a step and I have to recognize that I’m waiting after a device like Nokia Note. After the Samsung fever with his Note range, comes the turn to Nokia to release a Note series. At this moment just virtually. Nokia Note is a concept designed by Mohammad Mahdi Azimi, a concept that integrates all features from a phtable. The device has an interesting design with big interface and with accessory for music player.

Nokia has a big agreement with Windows and I cannot suspect the company to use another operating system than Windows Phone 8. Our focus is on display and this concept has a 5.5-inch screen with 1280 x 768 pixels resolution with support for 1080p.

Because it could be a real competition for Galaxy Note, Nokia Note has integrated a stylus with the idea of S Pen. Besides the stylus the concept has another detachable part and this is really cool. The music player can be detached and used as a simple player, something like the iPod nano.

To end this article I have to admit that Nokia Note is a great idea and can become a powerful competitor if the company has in plan to release such device.

Nokia Note Front View

Nokia Note Front View

Nokia Note Back View

Nokia Note Back View

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  1. Thank you for sharing my nokia concept in your page

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