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New Apple patent copies Samsung Edge display?


After the most waited Samsung device has been released, Galaxy S6 Edge, many Apple lovers started talking about the form, design and shapes. The new Edge design is ugly, uncomfortable and other many things. Galaxy S6 Edge has been released this month and gains a lot of Android fans. The new device has a beautiful design and the dual-edge screen is absolutely glamorous. More than that, Galaxy S6 curved display is the best display mounted on a smartphone ever! With a 5.1 inches, S6 has a 71.7% screen to body ratio which makes it more interesting than any other smartphone.


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Samsung chooses for display protection to use Gorilla Glass 4 which protect the flat part and also the curved screen from the left and the right part. The amazing resolution, 1440 x 2560 pixel(~577 PPI pixel density) offer a high video quality. More than that, Samsung choose to use their own CPU, the Exynos 7420, a quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex A53 and a quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex A57, a powerful CPU and a low-battery drain.
Also, discussion about the non-removal battery like the Apple device has, is a subject of discussion and the missing slot card also. These two options are important for every user but are not so bad that you can not change the battery or extend the internal memory. As an alternative for the 16 GB memory device are many cloud solutions with free storage space.
A 16 Megapixel camera is a good option for Samsung with 2988 x 5312 pixels and optical stabilization. Galaxy S6 has a quick camera response and a high-quality pictures and video record. Other options are listed on the producer website but are common with the Galaxy devices excepting the fingerprint sensor and the Samsung Pay(PayPal, Visa and MasterCard certified).

Apple patent

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Recently Apple released a new patent for the next iPhone device which is designed without buttons on the left and the right part. But what should we think? The Apple lovers will quit Apple because of these? I don’t think so, they will find that Apple patent is amazing and will make their loved device be awesome. What a good joke!
The future Apple device seems to feature a “side wall display” which will include one or more flexible layers covered with clear glass or plastic. So, Apple will use a flexible display for their next product and also will include virtual buttons. Up here, confort technology Apple will use is similar to Samsung and will make the device similar to Galaxy S6 device. The only difference seems to be the metal frame of Apple. The frame will keep the Apple trend and will not let the main display to interact physical with the Edge display like Samsung has. The non-removal battery and the missing slot card will still be on the next devices.
Now is the time to see the differences and similarities about future Apple device and Samsung Galaxy S6. Both has/will have non-removal battery, no memory slot card, Edge display. Well, discussions are useless with these similarities and make both devices to be similar.
The Apple fans now can stop criticism and embrace the reality. Can feel the Galaxy S6 Edges and think about their next Edge device from Apple.


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