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iPhone popCase can transform your iPhone into an eReader


popSlate for iPhone is a special case that protect your device and keeps you up to date with you favourite setted up photos. PopSlate is a 4 inch case, using the E Ink technology for its screen. The E Ink display is always on and can last one week with just a single charge. It has a micro USB slot charging for that.

popSlate can save your battery life, with the notification feature and also can be served as an eReader. popSlate can offer much other information from your Apple device like to-do list, meetings and calendar. The popCase case has been presented first time on Indiegogo site, two years and earned 219.147$ fundings. In present, E Ink case, has not been delivered to the customers, making a lot of buyers complaints about their orders.
PopSlate case is compatible only with Apple devices( iPhone 5, iPhone5S and iPhone6) and has been expected for June 2013.
PopCase price is 129$.

Source: Indiegogo

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