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iPhone 5 Concept With Transparent and Flexible Display


There is not a news that Apple mobile products are among the most beautiful and performance electronic devices on the market. With a futurist design, a new Apple concept catching the attention with a flexible and transparent iPhone.

Samsung has already announced that will introduce on the market products with transparent screens starting with 2012, and I can say that is the right moment for Apple to take a step forward and comes on the market with futuristic products – something like this concept.

In pictures attached you can admire the iPhone concept with transparent and flexible display. These technologies already exists, remains only to be integrated into new smartphones.
If in the next iPhone generation will be include these two features listed above, we can say that will be a huge leap between the 4th generations already available on the market and the next iPhone generation.


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  2. The iPhone 5 screen is surely bendable but the metal is not. From being in my front pocket, mine permanetely bent causing the a fracture above the down volume button. Without the aluminum antenna, I think it would go back straight but since there is stress crack in the metal, it is permanately bent. Seems to be the weakest point of antenna. Went to apple and they happily told me that I damaged my phone and I could get it replaced for $200. So sad that poor design didn’t take into account a phone is usually in a pocket.

  3. The iPhone 4 has a glass plate on the front screen as well as on the phone’s back end, giivng it it’s shiny appearance. What I can tell you from experience is that the glass is most definitely stronger. I keep my iPhone 4 in a case (as should you), but I have dropped it on occasion with and without the case. I have yet to drop it on an extremely hard surface like a parking lot or hardwood floor, just mainly at work or at my apartment where it’s carpeted. It has yet to even crack. I’ve had it about six months.It’s a beautiful phone.

  4. Shatters easily, just get a case and you will be fine.. I ve had a bunch of fredins with IPhone 4 s and they have a cracked screen Because they didn’t have a case!!!! But mine didnt crack because i have a case!!!!! And i always drop mine so, Hope i helped Good Luck!!!

  5. i only got my first Iphone EVER last week, and it is the 3GS 32gb. honestly its the best phone ive had, i have alywas been a blackberry user, i previously had a torch 9800 and sold that to get this. i must say it is SOOO GOOD! i definitely recommend it to anyone The iphone 4 is faster, but probably a second faster..so if your on a tight budget you can save yourself alot of money getting the 3GS and another good thing is that you can use your normal sim card in a 3GS

    • the iphone 4 is ralley expensive, the ipod 4 is less expensive and you can text others that have the same ipod as you so it’s like a phone. The only big differance is that you can’t call on the iphone 4. Was this answer helpful?

    • the iPhone should raelly just be used as a phone, treat it as a phone.I just see the ipod touch as another ipod and cant raelly be judged with a iPhone Was this answer helpful?

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