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Galaxy S7 could be the bendable device of 2016


After Samsung released the Galaxy S6 dual edge, public has a wonderful reaction and embrace the dual edge device with interest. Samsung is the first producer of a smartphone with curve side, first of it being the Galaxy Note EDGE. Note EDGE has acquired a lot of fans for its interesting design and now is the time for Galaxy S6 edge to do that. And is doing!


The next step is the bendable device and many rumors said that the 2016 will be called for Samsung the bendable Samsung year. Galaxy S7 could feature a full bendable body and to begin a new smartphone era. As we can see in the present the technology is developed for flexible display, CPU, and flexible battery, all that we need is to be putted all into a flexible body.

As we already know, Samsung has the necessary technology and is working at a fully flexible prototype. If we take a look at the Samsung flexible patent, we can get a conclusion for the next Galaxy device. A foldable display is using the OLED(organic light emitting diodes) technology and until now, on the market has been shown a lot of flexible, bendable and rollable prototypes.

Samsung Youm technology is a mystery now, Samsung using for new devices AMOLED technology like the Galaxy S6.


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