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What we expect from CES 2015

December 18, 2014 by Laur | 0 comments

What we expect from CES 2015?


We have news that at CES 2015 that will be in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January we’ll have more new HI Tech devices, TVs and news.
As we expected in Las Vegas HI Tech giants will come with many news about their new devices. The most expected TV is coming from Samsung and is called Tizen TV.

tizen opt


Samsung is developing a new platform for its devices called Tizen which as they said is a simple alternative for Android. New Tizen operating sistem we’ll be implemented on a long list od devices like smartphones, TVs,tablets, netbooks and probably car platform.

Still the most expected Tizen platforms are not announced yet, but we hope that we will have a surprise in January.

Rumors exist about the new tablet release and new smartwatch from Samsung and why not, Galaxy S6 Smartphone who want’s to be top HI Tech Samsung mobile device.



LG announces that it will present the new LG QUANTUM DOT-EQUIPPED UHD TV, probably it will be a curve display with 30% improved color reproduction rate.

It could be possible that new QUANTUM will run the new LG WEB OS 2.0. WEB OS 2.0 is based on the previous WEB OS platform but will be more improved and will have new intuitive and practical functions.

A big surprise from WEB OS 2 is “My Channel”, a function that will allow to save favourite channels on the Launch bar, and the smoothness of loading applications like YouTube who will be 70% faster.

LG could probably show us the new LG G FLEX 2, a new Smartphone that will have a flexible display smaller than the old version, about 6 inch. News about technical details does not exist for the moment but rumors exist about the display and said that will be an OLED FULL HD Display.

Sony Goolge Glass may be present at CES 2015 with a new Google Glass design and new functions. The new gadget promise to be more than a pair of glasses and is promising to have a single led display module.



0,23 inch OLED display will have a 6400×400 pixel resolution and will be powered by an ARM Cortex A7 processor an a 400 mAH battery. Also it will have an accelerometer, digital compass, Bluetooth connection 3.0 and WI FI module 802.11 b/g/n.

With all of these the weight is just 40 gr.



Good news comes also for smartwatch lovers where are announced producers like Samsung, Lg, HTC, Microsoft, Apple and Unbelievable, Tag Heuer.







Top 5 concept phone for 2015

December 16, 2014 by Laur | 0 comments

iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 probably will have a „ sidewall display”according to a patent that Apple published last year.That’s meant that the new iPhone will come in the family of bendable devices.

The new Apple display will have a better resolution and 3D features.

iPhone 7 concept

Other improvements will be on the battery and the fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 7 sidewall display

The new iPhone7 will be powered by a powerful A9 processor.

The device might be launched next year in the 4th quarter.


From unofficial sources HTC M9 will probably have a full aluminium and titanium body which will make it shock resistant and shine.

HTC M9 concept

The 5.1 inch display will offer a larger view and a new touch experience. Resolution will be 2560×1440 pixel.

HTC M9 concept

HTC One M9 might be more powerful than M8 and there’s talk of both a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 and octa-core Snapdragon 810 processors and 3GB of RAM.

We’ve heard rumours that it will have a 12 Ultrapixel camera.

Sony Experia Z4

Xperia Z4 Concept

This new device will de launched probably in the 4th quarter of 2015 and will have a bigger display than Z3 and will be protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Under the hood seems to be a powerful octacore processor 2.9Ghz Krait with 4GB RAM, 3500 mAH nonremovable battery and 64 GB ROM memory.

About the camera, it seems that will be a 22.12 mpx recording with 4K features.

Samsung Galaxy S6

From unofficial sources Galaxy S6 might be launched in the first quarter of 2015 and we expect a QHD display with 2560X1440 pixel resolution.

Galaxy S6 concept

S6 will probably have two variants like Galaxy Note, one of them (EDGE variant) with curved display and 4K feature.

Galaxy S6 concept

Project Zero” how is called on the internet the next Galaxy is expected to feature 4GB RAM memory witch will make it faster and smoother, ROM memory between 32Gb and 128Gb, A faster 64 bit processor, 20mpx rear camera and a new Broadcom sensor chip, BCM4773.

Galaxy S6 will run probably Android 6.0

How will probably be next Samsung Galaxy, S6?

December 15, 2014 by Laur | 0 comments

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 should be a success after the „not so popular” Galaxy S5.
From unofficial sources Galaxy S6 might be launched in the first quarter of 2015 and we expect a QHD display with 2560X1440 resolution.

S6 will probably have two variants like Galaxy Note, one of them (EDGE variant) with flexible display and 4K feature.


„Project Zero”how is called on the internet the next Galaxy is expected to feature 4Gb RAM memory witch will make it faster and smoother, ROM memory between 32Gb and 128Gb, A faster 64 bit processor, 20mpx rear camera and a new Broadcom sensor chip, BCM4773.

The Broadcom BCM4773 minimizes battery drain and adds a new layer of intelligence to location technology on mobile devices by integrating the GNSS chip and sensor hub into a single combo chip. BCM 4773 architecture enables information from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, GPS to be calculated on a single system-on-chip (SoC) instead of the application processor (AP). This unique design drives more than 80 percent power savings by offloading from the AP.




With all those features, Galaxy S6 in my opinion, will rock on the smartphone market again like his old friend Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept With Flexible Body

September 11, 2013 by Laur | 0 comments

Samsung still wants to release on the market the first smartphone with flexible body, the first mass production bendable smartphone in the world. However, until this event they delight us with concepts and prototypes. The 2014 version of Galaxy S line retail version could be a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept presented in this article.

The Galaxy S is now in its fifth version, a version in the concept phase that has a super thin and metallic flexible body. Based on the Galaxy S4 version that will be available on the market in 2014, the guys from MobiLeaks predict the specification of the five Galaxy S generation.

In front the screen has no borders which make that the surface of the screen to be available at maximum dimensions. A large screen added new experiences to the users and the possibility to use the device with a wide range of activities.

The screen is the main piece for me, and yes, is a display that can be folded on vertical axes to enter into a multimedia stage (playing music) and allow the users to make the smartphone smaller.

The Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is also presented and running on Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

On the back of Galaxy S5 can be located at the top a sensor camera and flash. The camera has a sensor with 16MP and optical image stabilization functionality with optical zoom.

In addition, the source of the sound is located on the back, on the other side of the display strip with multimedia buttons.

For the body are used metallic materials, which make a big pass from plastic to metal.

Samsung Galaxy S5 even is a concept it could have a big impact in the coming versions of the Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Concept

New Start for Apple With Curved Screen for iPhone 6 in 2013

April 22, 2013 by Laur | 0 comments

Apple needed a refresh for iPhone at least and this refresh supposes the use of new technology with curved display. The popularity of the iPhone has been constant lately and with the ability to decrease in the next period. Here, enters on the scene a new technology that is at least coveted by the biggest Apple competitor – Samsung.

Both companies evoked the release of devices with bendable displays and this could be possible in 2013. This year these devices can become reality and high expectation are directed to the biggest technology companies Apple and Samsung.

iPhone 6 Patent

iPhone 6 Patent

Apple rumors announced the progress of a new smart watch with flexible display, a new generation of watches that will change everything we know about watches.

iPhone with curve display could be the next generation of this device, a device that opened roads to the world of mobile technologies. If Apple will release this year this iPhone, again the company is the first company that writes history in the technological era.

The rumors about an iPhone with bendable screen appears after Apple submit a patent that outlines the shapes of the new device.

And because these lines are about Apple, a curved display is not the main technology located in the iPhone 6. According to the patent submitted by the company, 3D technology will be also available in the next generation of the smartphone.

Smartphone design will suffer since the home button cannot find its place in the device.

iPhone 6 Concept

iPhone 6 Concept

Based on the patent and with some vision a designer called Nickolay Lamm releases a concept that could be the next iPhone.

Nokia Note Concept With 5.5 inches Display and 1080p Resolution

February 12, 2013 by Laur | 1 Comment

From concept to final product is just a step and I have to recognize that I’m waiting after a device like Nokia Note. After the Samsung fever with his Note range, comes the turn to Nokia to release a Note series. At this moment just virtually. Nokia Note is a concept designed by Mohammad Mahdi Azimi, a concept that integrates all features from a phtable. The device has an interesting design with big interface and with accessory for music player.

Nokia has a big agreement with Windows and I cannot suspect the company to use another operating system than Windows Phone 8. Our focus is on display and this concept has a 5.5-inch screen with 1280 x 768 pixels resolution with support for 1080p.

Because it could be a real competition for Galaxy Note, Nokia Note has integrated a stylus with the idea of S Pen. Besides the stylus the concept has another detachable part and this is really cool. The music player can be detached and used as a simple player, something like the iPod nano.

To end this article I have to admit that Nokia Note is a great idea and can become a powerful competitor if the company has in plan to release such device.

Nokia Note Front View

Nokia Note Front View

Nokia Note Back View

Nokia Note Back View

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