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Apple Watch will be released today 9 March in an Apple special event


Even if Apple has missed the MWC from Barcelona, today, 9  March 2015 Apple announce a special event  at 10,00 AM. This event will be probably concentrated on the first Apple smartwatch, the iWatch. A major part of this event will be dedicated for the device customization.  Apple Watch has a curved Retina display with high pixel density. This Retina display is an ultra energy efficient which makes the device to be a battery friendly gadget. On the most Apple Watch devices, the display is polished with crystal of sapphire being the hardest transparent material. For the Sports collection, the display protection is Ion-X glass.

Apple Watch

About the today event, the focus will be on the functionality. Apple decided to charge the first product which will be worn with functions making it an advanced gadget compared to Android Wear devices which are designed to be a personal  assistant. More than sure is possible to see more applications on the iWatch similar to iPhone applications.

Apple investments are huge in the devices which can be wear in the present and in the future and will be disposable more than 100.00 applications at the release date.

At the special event, rumors said that is possible to be released also a 12 inches MacBook device with a Retina display and also an iPad Pro with a 12 inch display. The iPad Pro has been discussed for the first time in January 2015 as a future Apple device to be released.

Apple could release today an IOS update, the IOS 8.2. This new IOS variant has been tested with five Beta variants until now. For the music lovers, Apple could integrate a new live streaming application, Beats Music.


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